Special Bulletin (January 2004 )

Greetings friends,

Warmest blessings from the team at WhiteDove Ministries. We trust this new year has brought fresh revelation of the Lord Jesus and His victorious kingdom.

Generally, we have attempted to circulate our monthly newsletter by the 12th of each month. However, we are presently in a season of spiritual download receiving insight with understanding from the Lord concerning this new day in the Spirit. Therefore, we felt it wise to hold off with our newsletter until we have received a more complete picture of the Lord’s strategy that He would have us convey.

During the latter portion of 2003 and beginning in 2004, we ardently positioned ourselves before the Lord, as I’m certain many of you have, to receive a more adequate image of His heart for this crucial day. There have been streams of revelation coming from heaven to help position and equip us to function in greater cooperation with the Holy Spirit. Bob Jones has also been receiving incredible visions that we need to carefully examine in order to extract their full meaning.

We will be traveling to North Carolina the latter portion of this week to spend considerable time in this endeavor with the hope and expectation of emerging with a clear prophetic message…the Lord willing and with his help. Your prayers would be greatly appreciated as we approach this responsibility.

Although we have begun to outline some of the revelations that we will be sharing corporately, it most likely will require multiple newsletters and articles to adequately convey the insight. No doubt, there are many prophetic voices receiving key revelations that will be needed to mobilize the Lord’s people into a position of advancement. We are sensing a great grace in the coming days to cast the net of evangelism. Many of those to be captured will be key leaders in the coming days.

There is a present birthing taking place in the Spirit. On December 17, 2003 our granddaughter Isabella was born. The Bible declares that our children will be for signs and wonders. It was prophetically spoken to us that her birth would provide a prophetic indication of things in the Spirit. It is interesting that on that day, many media headlines emphasized the 100 year anniversary of the Wright brother’s initial flight. Their 12 second flight launched a new day in aviation. We believe there will be many in this hour to soar in the Spirit to apprehend fresh and unprecedented things for this day of destiny.

Richest blessings of peace and grace,

Paul Keith & Wanda and the team at WhiteDove Ministries