Special Announcement (October 2006)

Paul Keith & Wanda Davis

Greetings Friends,

At the beginning of this year we predicted a season of great change. That perception has certainly proven to be true and our ministry has been no exception. It is our hope and prayer that the changes many have experienced will bring us steadily closer to our destiny in God and His supernatural provision.

With that said, we would like to announce a significant transition that is taking place with Shawn Bolz and the vision he has carried for a number of years concerning ministry in the television arena. When we first met Shawn, he shared with Wanda and I his deep desire to be a prophetic voice through and into the television media. That aspiration has now become a reality with the birthing of the “Shawn and Paula Show.” This venture will be a joint effort between Shawn and his long-time friend Paula Benne.

Therefore, Wanda and I extend our warmest blessings to Shawn in this journey and announce his departure from WhiteDove Ministries with our earnest prayer for God’s best to rest upon him in this new phase of his life. We have thoroughly enjoyed the four years we walked together with Shawn in the Heavenly pursuit, but also know that change is inevitable.

Beginning immediately, Shawn will embark on the production, editing and releasing of his television programs while continuing his itinerant ministry through Iburn Ministries. His website will be www.expression58.org and his contact information can be accessed through that site.

We at WhiteDove are very encouraged by the prophetic indications we are seeing, especially following the revelations that were deposited around the Day of Atonement. The changes that are taking place are for growth and advancement in the Kingdom. I expect to have the Shepherd’s Rod 2007 complete within a week.

With the Lord’s help, we hope it will provide a clear outline for this next season and how to advance in it. Clearly, a threshold has been crossed in the Spirit and a “fullness of time” moment is upon us.

Blessings of favor and grace,

Paul Keith & Wanda Davis

WhiteDove Ministries