September 18, 2001

I am certain by now you have received our initial response to the events of September 11, 2001. We are continuing to seek the Lord for further insight into His heart concerning these notable activities and their prophetic significance. One thing has come through loud and clear… we as a church must sound a more clear trumpet.

The enemy has successfully flooded the prophetic outlets with much “disinformation” and delusion. Particularly with the emergence of the Internet, most anyone can find an outlet to release prophetic words, impressions, or dreams and visions. This is both good and bad. It has been an incredible tool as especially evidenced in our presidential election. However, it can also fragment the clear directions so desperately needed in intercessory prayer.

Those of you receiving this newsletter are the one’s closest to our ministry with whom we feel comfortable sharing more openly and direct. We hope to continue updating you on a frequent basis with the insights the Lord is sharing, the Lord willing.

Although the events of recent days have been tragic and disheartening, it can be a catalyst launching us into a greater place in the Spirit. While I was in Canada, I had the privilege of meeting a humble and sincere minister from Australia who has been in the ministry over 30 years and has had notable experiences with the Lord. He shared with us a visitation he had from the Lord in 1994 in which the Lord physically walked into his room and sat on his bed (it actually sank with the Lord’s weight) and talked with him for over an hour..

In the visitation the Lord spoke to him about Joseph and the analogy of the butler and the baker and how the ascension of the butler had to do with the joy released in the church in 94. My friend thought to himself that two years after the butler, Joseph was promoted. The Lord injected, it would not be two years but seven. The date was September 28. It will be seven years to the day on the 28th, which is also Atonement. Quite exciting. The “Josephs” should soon be emerging.

Bob has also received a revelation this week seeing men and women anointed from Habakkuk 3:4. They were anointed in armor of light with rays of light emerging from their hands not unlike “laser beams”. When this occurred in the Spirit, creative miracles were manifested in an awesome way. I believe this is a prophetic promise for those willing to press in to receive it. Bob also saw significant new invention’s emerging and great breakthroughs in science and technology bringing an exchange of wealth from the wicked to the righteous.

We believe this season of Trumpets and Atonement are particularly significant. So much hinges on our willingness to pray and join the Lord in His heart of intercession. This is ending of one season and the dawning of a new day in the Spirit. Many things that were not available to us previously are now being released from heavens resources. Psalms 55 is also a significant passage upon which the spotlight of the Holy Spirit is resting.

We pray the following word will bring clarity and insight as we work WITH the Lord in these days.

Grace and peace to you,

P. Keith Davis


by Paul Keith Davis

When we began to pray about the bombing of our nation and the implications of a terrorist attack within our borders, the Lord spoke very clearly concerning the manner in which we approached our response. Instead of examining the devastation and its implications to derive a reaction, the Lord specifically stated to go back to previous prophetic articles we have written and re-examine them in light of the events of September 11. This directive changed the entire perspective of our response and the self examination we must do as a prophetic church.

On April 15, 1999, we were told that we were eminently facing a national calamity in an article entitled “The Lord’s Heart For Intercession.” The word even pointed to “Winds from the East” bringing fires of devastation. Thankfully, it also came with the encouragement that from the fires will emerge ashes of renewal. The ashes clearly speaking of repentance leading to the spiritual fires of revival. The essence of the word was to reveal the Lord’s heart for intercession and a call of unity and precision in the prayers of the Saints.


Therefore He is able also to save forever those who draw near to God through Him, since He always lives to make intercession for them. (Heb 7:25)

The scriptures plainly point out, the Lord ever lives to make intercession on our behalf and if there was ever a time to draw near to God, it is this generation. Before the events even occurred, the Lord was already revealing His heart of intercession for our nation and those most directly affected by the violence and destruction.

This was plainly the act of the enemy, yet allowed by the Lord for a greater good and to awaken the nation to her need for Him. His call to us was to join Him in intercession asking that the “fires” of destruction not occur all at once. Despite the terrible effects of the terrorist acts, we are receiving reliable reports that others were also planned that could have been even more destructive had they been successfully carried out. Thankfully, for reasons we may never know, those plans failed. We must continue to pray future plans of the enemy are disclosed and nullified.


We believe the Lord is continuing to ask the church to join Him in His heart of intercession in this ongoing battle. Frankly, the spiritual consequences are just beginning. It is our great responsibility to intercede in the heavenly arena releasing the wisdom of heaven upon our president and his advisers for the divine response to the actions of September 11. Clearly, there must be a response for the evil perpetrated last week…our prayer should be that it is the RIGHT response.

Further, we can be most effective by asking for the supernatural intervention of the Holy Spirit revealing those specifically responsible for the terrorist attack. Finally, it is our prayers joined with the Lord’s, that will dictate the release of renewal and its measure across our land.


A wrong response by our national leaders could actually hinder the outpouring of the spirit of revival in our nation. Many things hang in the balance at the present time. Like the presidential election in November of 2000, the outcome rests in the hands of the praying church. During the election struggle, the battle lines seemed clear and a unified voice was heard from the corporate church, literally changing the spiritual atmosphere surrounding this great point of demarcation for the nation and the church.


This brings us to an issue the Lord has been speaking about in recent days. When the enemy discovers that he can no longer withstand the release of certain spiritual blessings, his next strategy is to get behind that release and push it beyond its prescribed parameters. That seems to be happening in the prophetic arena with many voices issuing revelatory directives with many diverse messages. There is no clear trumpet sound from the corporate church for the intercessors to uniformly lay hold of and proclaim their prayers and petitions.

The Bible declares that we wrestle not with flesh and blood but with principalities, powers, rulers of darkness and spiritual wickedness in HEAVENLY PLACES. Our enemy resides in a heavenly place from which he can release false prophetic vision which oftentimes is mistakenly received and prophesied as true divine insight. This is sometimes referred to as “second heaven” revelation producing disinformation and deception. This dilutes our spiritual currency by veiling the clarity with which the true prophetic church should speak.

Our admonition is to move on to a place of maturity and discernment that would clearly recognize words of distraction and delusion and follow only the Lord’s Voice. This will provide the clarity the intercessors need to bombard heaven with the cry of warfare and revival. We must not stop with the Presidential election…there are many more battles to be won.


When she came to the man of God to the hill, she caught hold of his feet. And Gehazi came near to push her away; but the man of God said, “Let her alone, for her soul is troubled within her; and the LORD has hidden it from me and has not told me.” (II Ki 4:27)

Elisha was one of the greatest prophets who ever lived. Yet you can hear the dismay and surprise in his voice as the Shunammite woman approaches him. He can plainly see she is distressed, but the Lord has hidden the matter from him. Clearly, this woman was dearly loved by the Lord and His prophet, much like our nation. Nonetheless, she is grief stricken with the loss of her son and approaches the Lord’s representation on Earth for answers.

Seemingly, this grief could have been avoided if the prophet had heard a warning for her before the incident occurred. Nevertheless, the prophet begins to intercede in her behalf and the life of her son. The Lord hears from heaven and raises him to new life.

When Elisha came into the house, behold the lad was dead and laid on his bed. So he entered and shut the door behind them both and prayed to the LORD. (II Ki 4:32-33)

This was an even greater demonstration of the Lord’s mercy and grace and a greater miracle than a prophetic warning. Presently we are grief stricken for our nation, but if we will intercede before the Lord like the prophet of old, will see resurrection power released in our land in an even greater demonstration of His power and Grace.

On a personal level, this incident has created an even greater resolve in me to press in more than ever and yield whatever issues He requires in order to hear more clearly and sound a clear trumpet. We must press in for more.


Pray that our president and his staff make the right decisions in response to the terrorist attack. Ask the Holy Spirit to send divine wisdom to him in this ultimate decision. Continually offer prayers and intercession on behalf of our president…releasing the Spirit of grace and favor upon his life and administration.

Pray that the Holy Spirit will supernaturally reveal the parties responsible for the planning and execution of the terrorist attack. Pray the terrorist headquarters and bases be exposed and ask the Lord to release the Angels of heaven to assist us in this endeavor. Furthermore, pray that the spirit behind the hatred and violence toward Israel and America be exposed and notified.

Pray for the continued repentance and intercession on the part of our nation and its leaders, both in the civil government and in the church. Continue to ask the Lord for the Spirit of renewal and revival.

Pray for the promise of restoration. The Lord has promised to restore all that the enemy has stolen and restore it in multiplied fashion.

Pray that the Holy Spirit would expose the hidden works of darkness and bring them into light.

Pray that the Holy Spirit would not allow us to enter into a national war prematurely that would not have His blessings although there must be a clear response on the part of our nation to deter future terrorism.