September 17, 2001

In the light of the king’s countenance is life; and his favor is as a cloud of the latter rain. How much better is it to get wisdom than gold! and to get understanding rather to be chosen than silver! Proverbs 16:15-16

Greetings friends,

First of all, we would like to extend our sincere appreciation for the outstanding response to our initial newsletter forwarded to you recently. The pastor in Shreveport LA co-ordinating the conference stated he saw an immediate release after our newsletter was sent to you. The Lord used your prayers to help nullify strongholds of the enemy attempting to withstand His purposes for this important conference and season of the Spirit. You will also share in the fruit of the things the Holy Spirit is able to do in this conference and the three remaining conferences in Oregon and Canada.

Wanda and I will be meeting Bob and the other team members in Shreveport on Saturday the 26th with Bobby Conner joining us on Monday. Bob and I will be ministering in Tim Carscadden’s church on Sunday morning with the conference beginning Sunday evening which is also the beginning of Pentecost. The Lord stressed to us during the prior Day of Atonement revelations that the season surrounding Pentecost would be significant.


Actually, the Lord has given several visions and revelations confirming the word previously brought involving Ezekiel 47. We have a prophecy on the WebSite called “Water to the Knee” stating the Lord’s desire to release the river of His Spirit carrying us from ankle depth to the knee. Since the January inauguration notable things have been taking place in the Spirit signifying the increase with greater clarity in revelations and amplified power for healing and deliverance. The Lord has now given Bob another vision stating His desire to carry us as a church to the measure of the “loins”.

In this vision, the Holy Spirit emphasized our need for total commitment to Him and the purposes to which we are joined. Isaiah 11:5 was given as a Scriptural reference conveying His desire that we be girded with righteousness and faithfulness. The Lord stated that the measure of our commitment to Him will dictate the portion to which He is able to impart Himself in us. He is calling us to sound a clear trumpet to establish the people in their calling. He promised that if we would sound the trumpet with clarity, He would move upon the people with Grace to respond. What a wonderful promise!


Since our last newsletter, Bob had another significant vision with a promise I am sure will be very encouraging to you. We have not yet released this vision corporately but will very shortly. In the experience, the Lord expressed his intent to dispense natural and spiritual provision to support His vision. If we have been praying and interceding over visions truly birthed by the Holy Spirit, then the provision for many of the visions will be released from Heaven’s resources. That provision can come in the form of financial support as well as other issues needed for the fulfillment of the vision. There was an emphasis placed on the important aspect of the visions to be supported coming from the Holy Spirit not our own agenda or personal desires. The provision is to support His vision not our own. I pray this revelation will unleash the faith to believe for His divine resources. We are in a day of release.


Approximately two weeks ago the Lord gave a profound prophetic experience revealing the Spirit of witchcraft coming against divine purposes throughout the church and specifically in Shreveport. In the experience, some of the specific individuals through whom the enemy is operating were revealed as a warning to us. Thankfully, the Lord exposed this and admonished us to not take lightly this opposition but also not to fear. He said if we would call on Him according to Psalms 35… He would contend with our spiritual enemies. He further emphasized that the six weeks following the vision would be of particular significance in the Spirit.

We called on the Lord according to His Psalm 35 promise in a conference in Texas and again in Maryland. The response was incredible with many people in both conferences visibly discerning the difference following the release. In Texas the brightness in the room was noticeably increased and the resistance previously felt in worship was removed. The Lord was faithful in His promise and will continue to be if we will trust Him in His Word. Call on the Lord according to Psalm 35 and I believe He will contend with your spiritual enemies.


Please continue to pray and intercede with us in these meetings. The schedule is as follows:

Restoring the Voice of Healing—Shreveport, LA May 27-30

Winds of Change— Grants Pass, OR
May 31-June 3

Winds of Change Pastors Conference— Albany, OR June 7-10

Dunamis Conference— Kelowna, Canada
June 13-17

So that we can have a measure of agreement, the following are specific issues for the purpose of prayer.

1. Please pray that the full measure of purposes the Lord has destined for these meetings be fulfilled and accomplished and every attempt of the enemy to interfere in anyway be nullified and of no effect. The Lord promised if we would call upon him, he would contend with our spiritual enemies and drive them out by the Angel of the Lord. (Ps. 35)

2. Please pray for the prophetic wisdom and clarity involving the messages that are brought and the anointing of the Holy Spirit on the speakers and those in attendance to receive all that the Holy Spirit has for them….With all things being done to His glory.

3. Please pray that we may recapture and restore the “Spirit” of the Voice of Healing and release it in the church. That would include— unity of the Brethren, humility, integrity, fraternal affection, sound ministry in the Word and the release of power for healing and deliverance.

4. Please pray for the increased release of the River of His Spirit in the church to carry us to the “loins” and that we would be faithful in this ministry as trustworthy stewards so even more could be released and entrusted to us.


Finally, if any of you are suffering with physical infirmities, you may send a brief notation to us with your name and specific request and we will print them and carry them to the meetings to be prayed over when the anointing for healing is present. We will be able to accept the prayer requests until Friday evening. I promise we will print them and have the team pray over them asking the Lord to send his Word of healing.

Thank you again for joining with us in this ministry the Lord has entrusted to us. Without the prayer support of faithful believers we would not be able to accomplish our full purpose.

May the Lord richly bless you in all your ways,

Paul Keith and Wanda Davis
Bob Jones