October 10, 2001

Greetings Friends, We trust those of you who receive our newsletter are blessed and moving in the things of the Spirit. Without controversy, these are some of the most noteworthy days in recent history. Thankfully, the Lord is continuing to give clear insight and strategy for the season in which we are living. With the Lord’s help, we have now completed the Shepherd’s Rod 2002. The Lord has again given us directives from His heart to lead us into this new day in the Spirit. From our perspective, much of what is taking place in our nation is an attempt to frustrate the birthing of God’s fresh purposes in our nation and in the earth. Our destiny has been placed in our own hands and depends upon our willingness to respond to His call to prayer.


In view of the fact that the Shepherd’s Rod is so lengthy, we thought it best to include a link to the WhiteDove site so that you can receive an advance view of it. It will be released to the public in a day or two once all editing adjustments are made. We pray it will be a blessing to you and provide clarity for the days ahead.


On a separate note, we have one intercessory request that we would like to pass along to you. Bob was taken in a day extraordinary prophetic experience and shown a group of people in Boulder CO who have specifically directed their dark agenda against he and I. Naturally, we are not responding in fear nor are we approaching this confrontation presumptuously either. We simply pass if you would intercede with us asking that the weapons set against us would not prosper. This attack is directed at us spiritually and financially. We are asking that every evil assignment and commission the broken and of no effect. Bob was not shown be specific reason why this group has targeted he and I but he felt it had to do with our Internet ministry. Countless pastors and leaders have written to us sharing how they have taken the revelations the Lord has entrusted to us and talked them to their sheep. That brings us great pleasure to know that the anointed teachers take our revelations and expound on them with their gift of understanding and communication.


Finally, we have recently returned from a strategic prayer gathering in Washington D.C.. We have rarely encountered such spiritual warfare as that surrounding our nation’s capital in this hour. There are presently several enemy strongholds devoted to releasing the adversaries agenda against our President and his administration. If we do not respond with appropriate prayer, it would make it very difficult for him to hear Godly wisdom in his decision making. This is especially true as it relates to Israel. We believe we have the Lord’s promise that favorable decisions toward Israel will be made during the Bush administration if we will undergird him in prayer. It is difficult to express the importance of our faithful support toward Israel in this hour. We share more on this in the Shepherd Rod. The Lord specifically gave a vision illustrating the crucial nature of this truth. We hope to release a report to you soon regarding the things the Lord is revealing concerning many of the recent events. Abundant blessings of grace and peace, Paul Keith and Wanda Davis