May 2004

Paul Keith & Wanda Davis, Shawn Bolz, & Bob Jones

Much has been invested in this day of divine destiny. An overcoming army is being prepared to emerge who will be clothed in the garments of heaven and carry notable spiritual authority and power. It will be their privilege to inherit the promises long foreseen throughout the ages to demonstrate the kingdom of Heaven on the earth. These will taste the good word of God and the power of the age to come. (Hebrews 6:5)

We are presently living at the dawning of this new day in church history that will introduce a much more exhaustive awareness of divine mysteries related to the end-time mandates. The writer of Hebrew’s emphasizes that we are surrounded and encompassed about by a great “cloud of witnesses” that bear testimony to the Truth and co-operate in the plan of Heaven.

The writer of Hebrews outlines a representation of a select body of people who hold a very distinguished position in heaven. Those listed in Hebrews 11 are a token portrayal of an assembly who have “obtained a testimony” before God. Their faith and abandoned hearts achieved a special stature with Christ.

There is something gallant and noble implied about individuals who pressed through the most excruciating difficulties and hardship to come before the Throne of Grace to acquire a divine pledge and vow from God. Through their great faith they,

conquered kingdoms, performed acts of righteousness, obtained promises, shut the mouths of lions, quenched the power of fire, escaped the edge of the sword, from weakness were made strong, became mighty in war, put foreign armies to flight. Hebrews 11:33-34

Those righteous saints were awarded stewardship of personal promises from the Lord. We now become the beneficiaries of those promises. Volumes of prayers, sacrifices and spiritual labor have been contributed towards their fulfillment. Inheritance of these valuable spiritual treasures will be entrusted to the end-time army of God. This is now the hour for token releases of these promises, anointing, and commissions ordained for this day of destiny. Be encouraged and take heart for something fresh is at the door.

Warmest blessings of favor,
Paul Keith & Wanda Davis and the WhiteDove Team

The Promise of Heaven for This Young Generation
By Paul Keith Davis

Bob Jones had an experience many years ago and received from the Lord a personal promise in a face-to-face encounter. The Lord pledged to him that he would live to see a generation of youth emerge in great power, purity and authority.

On August 7, 1975 Bob was shown an incredible vision that illustrated the escalation of homosexuality and a deadly disease that would be communicated from it. Furthermore, the vision also illustrated how the act of abortion would develop to such a degree that science would eventually develop a pill that a woman could swallow that would abort the child. These revelations were quite profound for the mid-70s.

The day following this incredible insight, August 8, an evil spirit appeared to him. The wicked messenger threatened to release the spirit of death against Bob if he shared publicly the demonic plans of the future that he had received from the Lord the day before. Initially, Bob did not believe the evil spirit would have the authority to take his life. Therefore he immediately prophesied the revelations concerning these two vital spiritual issues. Surprisingly the evil spirit made good on his promise. The spirit somehow touched Bob’s body causing, what the doctors believed, was the rupture of an artery.

Bob began to profusely hemorrhage from his mouth and nose. The lower part of his body hardened as it filled with fluid creating incredible pain. The prognosis from the doctors was not good. They prescribed medication to help relieve the suffering and agonizing pain. Bob lay on a bed and covered his face with a towel to help capture the blood that was pouring from his mouth.

Suddenly the pain lifted. However, he soon discovered that it wasn’t because of the medication. He had passed from this life into the eternal realm.

A Visit to Heaven

Bob found himself in a tunnel of light with the angel the Lord to his right. He looked at his garments and discovered that he was wearing a sparkling clean white robe. It was at that point that he realized the evil spirit had taken his life. There was a great sense of relief and joy at the realization of his pure heavenly garments.

The gladness turned to a brief moment of grief as he was allowed to watch other people who had perished in precisely the same moment. Unfortunately, they were not shrouded in garments of light. Instead, he observed as 97% of the people who had died descended into the bowels of hell. Each was somehow clothed in the things that had been their god on the earth. It was a devastating sight.

The Door of Heaven

There were three people with Bob as they ascending toward a great Light that embodied the door of Heaven. He was the fourth in line and watched as they proceeded towards the Light that was above them. The prominent Light they saw was the Lord Jesus Himself present to greet the new arrivals.

The first in the line was a young 11-year-old girl who was filled with the love of God. It had been her lot in life to lie on her sickbed suffering from a terminal disease. However, she utilized that time to express the love of heaven through prayer and intercession for others. She entered the gates of glory with great reward. The Lord asked her, “Did you learn to love?” There was a resounding “YES” and she entered His heart to abundant blessings.

The next woman in the line to be embraced by the Lord and enter the gates of Heaven was a heavy black sister. She was surrounded by a large number of angels. Bob asked the angel of the Lord standing to his right why she had so many ministering spirits with her. He was instructed that she had been an evangelist on the earth. The messengers assigned to her co-labored in her ministry.

As she prayed and interceded for the salvation of others, the ministering spirits would be commissioned to go to those for whom she was praying. They were empowered with the mandate and authority of heaven released through her prayer to bring that individual into the kingdom. Great was her reward also. The Lord asked, “Did you learn to love?” Again, a hearty yes and she passed into His heart.

The next lady standing directly in front of Bob was a 93-year-old woman with the appearance of having been crippled with arthritis. Because of the hardships and failures that occurred in her life, the gall of bitterness had entered. She maintained her love for God. Unfortunately, she was not able to express the love of God to others. The root of bitterness had defiled her soul. Though she entered heaven as her eternal home, she carried no fruit or victorious testimony as her reward.

The Lord asked, “Did you learn to love?” She responded that she loved Him but that was all. She had not learned to love others. In that place it is impossible to lie. The only answer she could give was the truth. She entered but will no fruit to present to Him.

A Divine Pledge

Bob was next to join the Lord’s heart and enter the gates of heaven. So he thought! The Lord pointed His finger at Bob and proclaimed, “You must return.” Needless to say he was surprised that he was not allowed to enter as those before him. The Lord declared, “you have not completed your course and the enemy has violated the destiny of heaven created for you.” Satan had intruded upon his life by prematurely attempting to cause his death.

The imposition of the adversary was not because of some rebellion or act of disobedience on Bob’s part. Instead it was an unjust act attempting to abort the plan and strategy of heaven. It was a vile attempt to end a prophetic voice that would help prepare a righteous generation to demonstrate the kingdom of heaven on earth. Because of this violation, the Lord was now released in His justice to impart a great blessing. What the enemy had intended for evil, God was going to use for a noble cause.

Like those depicted in Hebrews 11 the hardship imposed by the adversary had allowed for the obtaining of a promise. In this face-to-face encounter, through his death experience, Bob was given a pledge by the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. The Lord promised to demonstrate in unprecedented ways the virtue of heaven in a soon coming young generation.

The Lord said to him, “you must return to the earth to touch a few of my leaders and prepare them for the harvest that I am going to bring in the last days. I am going to glorify Myself beyond anything that has happened previously in the world. I am going to bring one billion souls to Myself and this plan of Heaven will begin in the year 2000.”

The Lord specifically promised that end-time purposes would be launched in greater measure and accelerate at this strategic time. It would mark the beginning of a call to maturity of the body of Christ. The Lord continued by informing Bob that by the year 2000 there would be 5 million people dying of the disease that he had been prophesying. Furthermore, the Lord also instructed him that those numbers would exponentially escalate until there was sweeping repentance for this sin.

Returning to Earth

For the promise of spiritual awakening and the harvest of souls, Bob was willing to return to the earth and continue the prophetic ministry entrusted to him. The Lord instructed Bob that before his death he would see God’s glory coming to the earth producing a harvest of souls in numbers difficult to calculate. He was told directly from the Lord that the incredible miracles, signs and wonders that we read in the Scriptures are only a tithe of what’s coming. Every supernatural ministry, prophetic gift and heavenly endowment that we discover in scriptures will be functioning in amplified ways during this expression of kingdom reality in the earth.

Bob had obtained a promise from the Lord. Almighty God will faithfully see to it that the promise is fulfilled- He cannot lie. There are many like those who are among the “cloud of witnesses” pressing through the oppressions of the adversary to come before the Lord. To them pledges and vows are granted for revival, restoration and revelation of the glory of Heaven.

Resurrection Angels

There was a very interesting validation that was given to his death experience. As Bob was brought back into his room he observed his body lying on the bed covered in a bloody towel. The spirit of death was standing in the corner of the room. However, there were two angels adjacent to his bed. These were “resurrection angels.” We likewise discover two angels at the tomb of our Lord at the time of His resurrection. When the Lord Jesus chooses to bring someone back from death, there is cooperation with heaven through ministering sprits who carry resurrection power.

Bob was allowed to listen as the two angels conversed with one another concerning future events. One angel announced there would be a meeting in Harry Truman Sports Complex of 50,000 Christians. The other responded that a larger gathering of saints would take place in Washington, DC. He affirmed the number to be brought together in Kansas City would only be a tithe of those to converge on Washington.

The angels specifically articulated that the first meeting would be held in Truman Sports Complex to honor this president for the position he took in the establishment of Israel as a recognized nation. That act captured the attention of heaven and pleased the Lord. Though there may have been many mistakes made by this president, that one thing was of monumental importance. Because of his willingness to stand with Israel, God honored his name and allowed a strategic meeting to take place at that specific location.

After gaining his strength Bob shared publicly on the following Sunday the things that were spoken to him in his death experience. He prophesied the meeting that would take place in Kansas City and the subsequent one to occur in Washington, DC. In 1977, two years later, the initial gathering took place to fulfill the prophecy and validate the revelations gained in the experience. The NARSC assembly in July 1977 in Truman Sports Complex was an initial fulfillment. The greater meeting took place in the 1980 Washington for Jesus rally. Approximately 500,000 people gathered to pray for national revival and spiritual awakening.

Angelic Assignments from the Throne Room of God

By Shawn Bolz

Angels from the Throne room:

In the throne room of Heaven there are angels who have been worshipping since they were created. They live and breathe the presence and fragrance of the Holiness of the God head. The book of Revelation is the only book that guarantees a blessing when reading it because it speaks of the heavenly realities of Jesus.

In these heavenly realities there are angelic and spiritual beings who are in front of the throne twenty four hours a day and seven days a week. Also before the throne there are the seven lamp stands, or Spirits of God. In the holiest places in the throne room there are angels who camp around those lamp stands, letting their very beings be illumined by the light projected from God’s nature. They glory in this.

Some of the Ancient Angels are about to be Assigned:

I saw a vision of a shower of comets in the night sky coming down and hitting the earth. When they hit it caused explosions of beauty and majesty, not destruction. It was as if we were being invaded by the Throne Room itself!

As we enter into the escalating season ahead, God Himself is commissioning angels of His throne room presence onto the earth. They will be assigned to those who have proven their steadfastness or faithfulness to the heart of Jesus and the agenda of heaven. Some will be assigned to church movements; others will be assigned to businesses; some will even be assigned to individuals to help them carry out the highest purposes of destiny while still on earth.

These angels looked like the seven lamp stands in heaven. They were light beings revealing characteristics of the nature of God. These are to manifest Kingdom fruit on the earth. They are the lights of heaven.

This is a carefully orchestrated plan of Heaven, to fill the earth with God’s glory. He is sending angels that hold the weight of the atmosphere of His own nature to change our atmosphere and environments, so that many hearts can choose the highest.

Changing the Focus:

In the Church focus, this is going to affect our relationships and our projected communications. Themes that have pervaded Christian efforts in books, movies, teaching series, and music will begin to birth the glory of God. There is desperation in hearts of those who long for heaven and long to be more a part of Eternity. God is going to let these ones carry eternity in their message.

This in essence is the testimony of the over comer… being an overcomer only begins with the attitude of wanting to overcome everything normal and common in this world. In maturity an overcomer takes his/her eyes off of the natural and want to begin to walk in the Kingdom reality of Heaven.

1 Corinthians 1:28— Those things that are not are about to displace the things that are!

We can pray for these angelic assignments and we can ask God to fill our own atmosphere with the very atmosphere of the throne room! It is His desire that we are with Him where He is (John 17) and He is looking for hearts that have this dramatic agreement.

Important Conference

We look forward to each conference with hope and expectation to encounter heaven. However, there is a special sense of anticipation for the one occurring June 16-19 in Tri-City’s, Washington.

An incredible ministry team has been assembled for the purpose of touching heaven and releasing tangible impartation to launch believers into higher purpose and destiny. They include John Paul Jackson, Larry Randolph and the Ray Hughes worship band and the WhiteDove Team.

We sincerely hope all of our friends in the Northwest will be able to attend.