June 2004

Paul Keith & Wanda Davis, Shawn Bolz, & Bob Jones

An End-Time Strategy
by Paul Keith & Wanda Davis

Over the last few months the Lord has been emphasizing a progressive revelation involving the cooperation between Heaven and earth in the fulfillment of end-time mandates. We will not achieve our highest purpose in God without the supernatural arena of the Spirit. This can be emphatically proven throughout the Bible and in particular the book of Acts.

Presently, there is a revelation coming from the Holy Spirit involving the assignment of “angels that gather” as depicted in Matthew 13. They will not only gather the wheat into the barn but also extract stumbling blocks that keep us from our ultimate destiny.

In Matthew 13 the Lord gives the following insight involving the latter-day generation saying,

And He said, “The one who sows the good seed is the Son of Man, and the field is the world; and as for the good seed, these are the sons of the kingdom; and the tares are the sons of the evil one; and the enemy who sowed them is the devil, and the harvest is the end of the age; and the reapers are angels. “So just as the tares are gathered up and burned with fire, so shall it be at the end of the age.

“The Son of Man will send forth His angels, and they will gather out of His kingdom all stumbling blocks, and those who commit lawlessness, and will throw them into the furnace of fire; in that place there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. “Then THE RIGHTEOUS WILL SHINE FORTH AS THE SUN in the kingdom of their Father. He who has ears, let him hear. Matthew 13:37-43

The Bible plainly articulates that the field in which the Lord has sown good seed is the world. The one who sows the good seed is the Son of Man. The seed that He imparts are the children of the Kingdom.

The Ministry of Gathering

Unfortunately, unholy seeds were also sown into the same field by Satan. These seeds are called tares or sons of the evil one. Some translations use the word darnel which is a weed closely resembling wheat but without a seed of life to produce wheat.

Generally, the only time a distinction can be made between the two is at the time of harvest. This differentiation can primarily be identified when the wheat becomes mature and carries seeds of life causing it to bow over while the tares remain stiff and unyielding.

The harvest is designated as the closure or consummation of the ages in which reapers or angels will be released to labor in the fields for the ingathering. Not only will the wheat be gathered into the barn but the darnel will also be gathered so as to be burned. At the closure of the age the Lord will send angels who cooperate in this responsibility.

Winds and Fire

The “angels” are a consolidation of messengers of the Kingdom who are ministers of fire working cooperatively with ministering spirits who are as winds. (Hebrews 1:7) The consolidation of fire with wind causes a great blaze. That is the desired effect of the spiritual host of Heaven assigned to labor with this generation in the consummation of Gods Heavenly blueprint.

Furthermore, the “angels that gather” will also be empowered to extract out of His kingdom all causes of offense or persons by whom others are drawn into error or sin.

When this transpires then the prophecy of Daniel will begin to be fulfilled. (Daniel 12:3) The righteous, those who are upright and in right standing with God, will shine with the brilliance of the sun/son in the Kingdom of their Father. That day is upon us!

A Kingdom Portrait

To more fully understand these principles we must consolidate the various parables spoken in the following verses which paint a portrait of His heart for this fulfillment. The Lord stated that the Kingdom of Heaven is likened unto something precious buried in a field. The precious treasures are the sons of the Kingdom who have been sown in the world. Upon finding them, He sold all that He had in order to purchase for the sake of the Kingdom the field and the priceless treasures within. He gave up everything to become sin for us in order to purchase for God, men and women from every nation, tongue, tribe and kingdom. (Revelations 5:9)

After having articulated various parables related to the Kingdom, the Lord questioned His disciples. He asked, “have you understood all these things taken together? They replied, “yes.” He then went on to announce that every teacher or interpreter of the sacred writings of Scripture who has been instructed about and trained for the sake of the Kingdom of Heaven and has become a disciple is like a householder who brings forth out of his storehouse both things old and new.

A Strategy of Heaven

It is the strategy of Heaven to identify storehouses and appoint overseers with spiritual authority. (Genesis 41:34-36) This is applied both individually and corporately. We can individually bring forth from the storehouse of our souls, revelations of truth that are foundational while at the same time articulating the fresh and unprecedented. Furthermore, there are corporate bodies that are being commissioned as a storehouse and delegated the authority to function as a gathering place for a first-fruits harvest that will constitute laborers in the great harvest. It will be a harvest of harvesters.

The storehouses will be responsible for gathering wheat in the surrounding region while the overseers are charged with the responsibility of “gathering” and “guarding” the wheat until the appointed time. The wheat portrays the sons of the Kingdom who are being groomed and prepared for the great harvest that is to come.

Both Things Old and New

The treasures that will be delegated from these spiritual storehouses will be revelatory truth that is both new and old. We will bring forward the delegation of truth imparted to prior generations and also release the mysteries and secrets of the Kingdom set apart for this age. This will be the consolidation of the fresh mingled with the familiar.

The important aspect of these revelations is their current application to where we are in church history. We are promised a generation who will do the “greater works.” (John 14:12) These will be the sons of the Kingdom who carry the Sevenfold Spirit of God that rested upon the Lord Himself in His perfect example of a Son of the Kingdom.

The Lord once told Nathanael that he would witness far greater demonstrations of His power and authority when the heavens opened with angels ascending and descending upon the Son of Man. We should likewise be so familiar with the spiritual arena that we observe the angelic host ascending and descending upon the sons of the Kingdom in the fulfillment of Gods redemptive plan.

Throne Room Encounters

by Shawn Bolz

Since God’s encounter with John resulting in the Book of Revelations, there has always been a remnant of people who have been hungry for the reality of the Throne Room. It is their earnest pursuit to see Jesus in His glory even while still on earth. Every generation had someone who was contending for this spiritual reality.

In our immaturity, modern prophetic experience has watered down the true pursuit of the holiness that comes with this type of experience. There is one primary distinction that sets apart a vessel for Throne Room Encounters; those who hunger for the reality of Heavenly encounters are pursuing it so that they might share in the burning desire of Jesus for His reward. They don’t want to just have a manifestation of gifting or an encounter so that they can know future events but they have a longing to know Jesus the way He longs to be known.

There are many lesser manifestations that are going on in the body of Christ today that people, out of inexperience or lack of knowledge, are calling Throne Room visitation. Some of these experiences have measures of reality but they are limited by human imagination. God releases these because there is a sincere desire to see into Heaven and know the realities of the spiritual world. We must understand though, the difference between lesser experiences which still have incredible value, and encounters in the Throne Room.

Historically, there are many reported ways people have visited God’s Throne Room. It is good to look at the many diverse types. Each way of visiting is different and several of the ways brings more weight to the experience than others. If someone was raised from the dead after spending time in Heaven, then it is usually much more credible to the average human to believe than a mere vision. This does not mean that the vision can’t hold the same authority as the other experience as it relates to God’s intended goal for it, but it most likely will not.

Unlike common prophetic experiences and revelations, Throne Room encounters have an eternal quality about them. These types of experiences can not be forgotten even down to the smallest detail. They are written upon our hearts; these experiences are glimpses of our eternal reality and will not go away because they are forever. Whereas, a revelation or vision may fade in our minds once it has fulfilled its course.

There are five categories that one might encounter a Third Heaven visitation (Throne Room Experience) Here are some of the ways people visit:

1. Through Visions
2. Visitations
3. Near Death Experiences
4. Out of Body Experiences
5. Translated to Heaven

One thing that seems to mark everyone who has visited Heaven is the lack of language they seem to have for what they have seen. Like it was said earlier, they remember everything yet have no language for what it all was. They have had hours and hours of talks with God or spiritual beings and yet when they communicate these countless hours, they can’t find words to articulate the depth of what they saw. Roland Buck struggled with this and expressed it in his book Angels on Assignment:

“I have written these encounters and messages with the limitation of my own human understanding. In doing this, I have made references to what the angels have said, but not with the thought of quoting them verbatim, except where I have stated. When you consider that there have been some fifty hours of angelic conversation which I have condensed with my own words and understanding into this single volume, you can perhaps realize that I have relied on my human ability to express these truths as I have comprehended them. I have not added to, or taken away from the Word of God, but the Spirit has opened my eyes to things I have not previously seen.” Roland Buck

I also wrote about this dilemma that I had personally in my book The Throne Room Company:

John the Beloved did such an awesome job of describing what he saw in the book of Revelation. He truly had the Spirit of Wisdom to relate to us what he had seen. Many people consider his language confusing, until they begin to understand how vastly different eternity is. Then, they develop a great respect for this beloved friend of Jesus.

Often people who see into Heaven as it really is cannot clearly communicate what they have seen, unless they have a supernatural gift of wisdom through the Spirit of Truth.” Shawn Bolz

If a person has really visited the God filled Heavens, they will never try and add or take anything away from Scripture. Their experience only endorses the reality of God’s love as expressed through His word.

God is about to visit a generation with a manifestation of the Throne Room presence. More and more people are experiencing this reality than ever before. This is especially true because we are approaching a generation that truly lives with a manifestation of heaven on earth. The goal is to bring the greatest agreement and communion that has ever been seen in any generation between His desires in Heaven and our walk on earth. Are you ready to see heaven?

Fireside Chat with Bob Jones
by Paul Keith Davis

In late May Wanda and I were speakers in a conference with Bob Jones in Birmingham AL. In the ten years that we have been conducting meetings with Bob, I would say this one went to the highest level as it relates to cooperating with the Holy Spirit and releasing spiritual impartations.

The pinnacle of the meetings transpired on Saturday evening when the Holy Spirit graciously came into the building in a powerful way to touch, on some level, most every person in the sanctuary. Many reported an awakening to their personal spiritual destiny while others visibly saw angelic beings and spiritual lights throughout the building. Numerous others received freedom from hopelessness and despair with an awakening to the spiritual realm and the hope of their high calling.

That evening, however, could not be fully appreciated without first understanding the preparatory work that transpired in the preceding sessions. Each began to address specific issues necessary for us to encounter heaven in a tangible way. This was especially true on Saturday morning when Bob received a descriptive revelation from the Holy Spirit to address a very specific diabolical plot of the adversary. It was the tyranny of self-pity.

Closing Unholy Gateways

In his vision Bob saw a spiritual gateway or access that was leading to a road of destruction. It was the broad way that many in this generation will approach. Unfortunately, something very grievous to the Father was also transpiring. Misguided sheep were unknowingly wandering through this gate into the unholy highway to their untimely demise.

It is the present desire of the Holy Spirit to apprehend leaders who will close this gateway that provides access to the plans of the adversary so that God’s people would no longer fall prey to its devastation. The vision further illustrated the symbolic number 12—12. This was to prophetically indicate an “alpha” governmental order and an “omega” governmental order related to the early apostolic church and the last day apostolic church.

The impartation of God Himself that transpired on the Day of Pentecost can justifiably be experienced by apostolic leaders in this day with genuine spiritual authority like unto that demonstrated in the early church. That authority will begin to identify and eliminate for the Church access to unholy gateways.

There are many unholy gateways that are being addressed in this hour. Some are flagrant and obvious while others are hidden and less conspicuous. The sin of self-pity is one of the most devastating enemies of our soul although not as seemingly apparent as lust, greed, or addictions. It will lead to many issues of the soul that will steal our destiny and keep us from the high calling of God.

Self-Pity Promotes Blame-Shifting

The spirit of self-pity causes us not to take responsibility for issues for which we are guilty. In all truthfulness, many who embellish self-pity do not actually want to be healed but receive sympathy for their condition and the circumstances of their life. In reality, most everyone has experienced on some level betrayal, abuse, condemnation and many other unfortunate incidents in life. However, God’s sacrificial offering on the cross is the absolute remedy for each of these dilemmas. The redemptive process opens the door to the justice of God to allow a restoration and even a restitution of things lost.

Self-pity is a self-centered mind-set that takes a focus off of the Lord Jesus and His redemption. It can also facilitate the exercise of various excuses for underachievement in the spiritual arena. Instead, the Lord desires for us to be Heavenly minded and healed of these dilemmas so that our wounds become scars of authority.

According to the promise of Scripture, old things have passed away and all things become new. To unduly focus on the issues of the past frustrates the spiritual principle of death to the old man and new life in Christ that brings every thought into captivity to His obedience. We cannot receive the full impartation from Heaven available to us while continuing in the malady of self-pity.

Freedom from self-pity begins with a conscious decision to close the access to this spiritual poison and receive the revelation of truth pointing to the restoration of our soul. The Bible highlights that nothing can separate us from the love of God. That reality unlocks the resources of Heaven to cleanse our soul from these strongholds.

If someone is interested in obtaining the messages conducted Saturday morning and evening, you may do so by following this link
Birmingham Meetings 2-CD Series

Overcoming Self-Pity

by Paul Keith Davis

Part of our calling for this day is to discover the realms of heavenly justice and release those principles to plunder the camp of the enemy to restore the inheritance of the saints. The economy of heaven will mandate the apprehension of our heritage in Christ that has been stolen by the adversary. When we come before the Lord’s court to petition for justice, Jesus will readily hear and respond. The day has arrived for the revelation of His throne and its qualities of righteousness and justice.

Satan knows this reality and has set plots in motions to nullify the grace of God in his attempt to preempt the administration of justice. One of his primary ploys to frustrate or prohibit our promised recovery is by sowing seeds of self-pity within the soul of men and women when allowed.

Many Christians develop an unhealthy retrospective disposition concerning the difficulties and afflictions imposed upon them throughout life. Through this posture, self-pity can emerge if not properly dealt with at the cross. Self-pity is one of the most blatant weapons in the arsenal employed against Christians. This snare paves the way for grief, shame and unbelief. It is a stronghold administered by the adversary to prohibit the full implementation of God’s provision and destiny for us. Self-pity is a demonic power of darkness that can encompass and clothe individuals in a stifling dungeon of darkness. The Lord Jesus said,

Therefore take heed that the light which is in you is not darkness. If then your whole body is full of light, having no part dark, the whole body will be full of light, as when the bright shining of a lamp gives you light. Luke 11:35-36

In the realm of the spirit, characteristics and emotions of the fallen nature have a vibrant life and nature of their own. When confronted with difficulty and hardships from our past, we can emerge from it either healthy or handicapped. If overcome by self-pity we never set in motion the spiritual principles of restoration and recompense inherent through the nature of the Lord in His justice. With a fully submitted self-will, spiritual dynamics are activated in our behalf that open the door for spiritual fruitfulness. The choice is ours.

Focusing on Heaven

The heart of the issue is determined by the place of our intense focus. To break the tyranny of self-pity and self-centeredness means to shift our focus from “self” to a more God-centered perspective. This can be accomplished by yielding our will to the Holy Spirit. These principles are more fully understood in the writings of the apostle Paul when he stated,

But I say, walk and live [habitually] in the [Holy] Spirit [responsive to and controlled and guided by the Spirit]; then you will certainly not gratify the cravings and desires of the flesh (of human nature without God). For the desires of the flesh are opposed to the [Holy] Spirit, and the [desires of the] Spirit are opposed to the flesh (godless human nature); for these are antagonistic to each other [continually withstanding and in conflict with each other], so that you are not free but are prevented from doing what you desire to do. Galatians 5:16-17 (Amplified)

With the proper decisions, the Lord will appoint for us beauty in lieu of ashes and the oil of joy to replace mourning. He will give the garment of praise in exchange for the spirit of heaviness. This apparel is defined as spiritual raiment that envelops us in the attire of “light.” The provision of light will galvanize us with the incorruptible nature providing freedom from the dominion of darkness and the attributes of the fallen nature.

We are called to be fully engaged, encompassed and enveloped in this heavenly provision. Our highest choice is to tangibly embrace this realm of the Spirit and clothe ourselves with heavenly garments. Otherwise we allow ourselves to be overcome by darkness, discouragement and depression that will nullify or limit the complete grace package furnished through the blood of Christ. We are presently being called to embody fierce warlike qualities inherent in the attributes of those who overcome. When so endowed, the Lord will release us to plunder the enemy camp and recover His rich heritage.