June 2003 Part 2

Greetings Friends,

Welcome to the second of what has now become three editions of our June, 2003 newsletter. While it is our strong hope and prayer to offer much “meat” in our newsletters, if they get too long it makes the newsletters hard to manage. So, rather than abbreviate any of the articles, we have expanded this month’s newsletter to three editions. We feel that the messages contained within each of these articles hold profound truths. Part three, which you will receive shortly after part two, contains an excellent article by Ramey Hughes, a young worshiper currently on staff in Ray Hughes’ Selah School of Prophetic Worship.

As mentioned in the first installment of this month’s newsletter, the Holy Spirit has indicated that this season surrounding the biblical day of Pentecost is of particular significance. Part one of the newsletter began circulation on June 6. The feast of Pentecost began at sundown on the 5th and extended until the following evening. Thankfully, the Lord released strategic revelation that is continuing to provide further clarity into His heart for this season.

We will outline a portion of those revelations with the hope and expectation of providing clarity and encouragement. It seems there is an escalation in the release of Heavenly resources and provision. Many individuals who have been prepared for this hour are beginning to touch higher realms of Heaven. We are receiving numerous reports of wonderful healings and miracles as well as greater revelation and insight.

Naturally, there are other issues of concern that we must continually bring before the Lord in intercession. We cannot forget the important significance of political decisions related to Israel in this crucial time. Our president is a righteous and Godly man. We must continue to ask the Lord for wise counselors to surround him as well as an ear to hear the wisdom of Heaven, particularly as it relates to Israel.

Furthermore, there are other warnings that came during this season that we will address in future articles. Some related to floods and turbulent weather patterns, particularly in the Gulf of Mexico, as well as an escalation in mysterious illnesses and disease. However, for now we will strictly limit this brief outline to the commissioning and “open door” presently before us.

At 1:30 AM the revelations began for Bob with the important commissioning of Joshua following the death of Moses. The admonition came from Joshua 1:9. It is an interesting affirmation that at the same time, Wanda received instruction from Deuteronomy 9:1.

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go. Joshua 1:9

Hear, O Israel! You are crossing over the Jordan today to go in to dispossess nations greater and mightier than you, great cities fortified to heaven Deuteronomy 9:1

As we have mentioned in numerous articles and messages, there is a certain application of Moses and Joshua related to this generation, and the prior, who experienced the tremendous healing movement beginning in 1946. The initial release of that notable expression of Heavenly power began with an individual who was visited by an angelic messenger and commissioned in the order of Moses. In many respects, that generation could be characterized through the ministry of Moses.

Now, over 50 years later, we are standing on the brink of “spiritual Jordan.” Many individuals and ministries are being commissioned in the order of Joshua. Although the same Spirit that rested upon Moses was imparted to Joshua, he nonetheless performed an entirely unique and distinguished function from Moses. That in itself is an important directive. Although we may receive the gifts and anointing or “mantle” that rested upon someone else, that expression of Heavenly virtue remains unique to our individuality and generational mandate. We are not to emulate or copy others but remain faithful to who the Lord created us to be and seek to imitate the Lord Jesus.

A Dangerous Time

The Holy Spirit spoke to Bob and indicated that this is a dangerous time, but His champions are willing to live “dangerously.” Note, however, this is not saying to live carelessly or presumptuously… only that we be willing to trust the Lord and take a chance on Him. Israel trusted the counsel of Heaven in taking Jericho, although the instruction seemed foolish and dangerous. Their obedience facilitated great victory.

This will be a season to try new things and even be willing to “walk in the lion’s den”, if so directed. In Daniel’s obedience and service to the Lord, he found himself thrust into a dangerous situation among a den of lions. Nonetheless, he was covered and protected and witnessed the provision of Heaven because of the righteousness of his heart.

The Suddenlies of Heaven

At 5:08 AM a further instruction was given to Bob related to the “suddenlies” of Heaven. Although things may seem difficult and trying, they can suddenly change. Perhaps there have been promises and visions given to some that have seemingly died on the vine. However, they can suddenly come to life and become reality.

Bob also heard a unique expression, especially for someone not electronically oriented. It was, “laptops will now come alive.” The Holy Spirit seems to be pointing to a distinguished anointing upon the writing of biblical truth and spiritual reality. This would not be limited to books and articles but also creative expressions of songs, poetry, imagery and other means of communicating truth.

On the morning of Pentecost I received a dream in which an ancient sword was being restored. It was one of great value and prominence but had been lost and only recently excavated. Although it bore the evidence of being buried, it was immediately put to use upon discovery. With it, we were able to eliminate nocturnal predators, devourers and other unclean adversaries. This seemed to also point to both the spoken and written word utilized by the Holy Spirit to expose and neutralize adversaries previously successful in devouring and stealing seeds of promise and purpose.

We hope to bring the fullness of these revelations in a future article and expound with understanding upon the insights released during this important time frame.

The Destiny of God

by Shawn Bolz

I had a dramatic spiritual experience a few years ago in which I received an impartation of a portion of the Father’s heart for His Son (John 17:26). In this experience I saw the destiny of Jesus beginning to unfold. I saw how the Father had sent Jesus to the earth to restore the union between the Godhead and man. Through His own union with His Son, the Father promised Him that a generation would have such a true desire and affection for Jesus that they would be his counterpart, or in our terms, His bride. The Father was purposeful in His promise to Jesus, and outlines in John 3:16 that He would receive the world as His inheritance to be united with Himself and the destiny to have a Bride without spot or wrinkle.

Just as Jesus became a man, He received a destiny from the Father. And even though the price has been paid for it, it is yet to be fully realized. The destiny of Jesus is to receive to Himself all that the Father has given to Him and have every knee bow to His Lordship.
Father, I desire that they also, whom You have given Me, be with Me where I am, so that they may see My glory which You have given Me, for You loved Me before the foundation of the world. John 17:24
We are called to minister first to Jesus’ destiny, His purpose. If my priority is my role in my destiny and not my love for Him first, then I will be a lover of my own life and my own purpose even if that purpose is set on serving Him. But those who truly love Him will count their highest purposes as loss, like Paul expressed in Philippians 3. The apostle considered even the precious things as mere rubbish so that they could be part of the Lord’s reward. Individuals with this right heart attitude are capable of great acts of love that promote unity among the brothers and, even more important, divine union with God.

When we prioritize wrongly about our destiny and His, then we violate true love because we are empowered in our independent goal of fulfilling our own purpose. We will not consistently seek out unity with other believers because they will not always be important to our pursuit of accomplishing the set of goals we have lined up to fulfill our personal calling. Many in the church are missing part of our highest mandate, which will result in missing true unity. Independence in vision is the breeding ground for many evils.

Unfortunately, this happens in the church far too often. People believe they have heard from God about their spiritual calling and unknowingly begin to run over everyone around them, believing they are justified because of trying to succeed in the building process of their commission. Jesus not only opposes those who maintain ownership over His destiny, but this mindset can disqualify them from greater intimacy with Him. Their success is no longer His. If Christians work through the systems of man to reach their goals, then the will of God has not been accomplished. This happens to people even with the best intentions.

We are called to serve One Who is greater than us, and to serve His calling of inheriting the world as His reward given to Him by the Father. We can never become preoccupied with our role in this destiny. We must always stay focused on the goal of laying down everything here on earth for Jesus and pressing on toward the heavenly reward. Becoming preoccupied is very different from understanding our role in His destiny. Our destiny doesn’t just belong in Him, it is Him. If our destiny is a Person, not an occupation, then we will exercise our stewardship of Him with excellent love.

The moment that we personalize our calling to ourselves and assume a role of responsibility in it with any goal other than Jesus, then we will mistakenly have our value absorbed in producing fruit in this world’s system.

If we can see the desperation of Jesus to inherit His reward…if we encounter Him in His hunger to be joined with His bride, we will never be the same! A whole generation will surrender themselves to be delivered as His inheritance, even at the price of their own lives, knowing that their reward is Him! This will be the generation that will see His return. We are not waiting for Him…He is waiting for us!

When Jesus came to earth, He demonstrated the ultimate sacrifice to us. He served the Father’s desire and sacrificed His whole earthly existence to complete not His own will, but the will of the Father. In this, He forfeited the fulfilling of His own affections and instead began to minister to the affections of the Father. This He accomplished from a place of full union with the Father that He likewise longs for us to share with Him. Through His unselfish desire to do the will of the Father, the Lord paid a price and became an example of how we are to live while on earth.

We are called to lay every encumbrance aside to minister to the affections and desires of Jesus. This is what it takes to deliver to Jesus His reward with the comprehension that we will inherit ours in eternity. We can never fully inherit our reward on earth because we are not called to do so. We are called to long for the heavenly dwelling and sacrifice our agendas and our will here to assume His purposes and will.

The Substance of Light

by Barry Stephen Goldfarb

For it is the land of carved images, and they are insane with their idols. (Jeremiah 50:38)

For You cause my lamp to be lighted and to shine. The Lord my God illumines my darkness. (Psalm 18:28)

We are nearing an end of taking into us carved images, painted objects, Babylon and Egypt.

Light as ‘substance’ is more like sound to music – in order to shape space-time, one needs to develop the necessary instruments. Light as art is virtually at day one in its developmental stage. Up to the present we have depended on space for creating light art, and have (for the most part) used light and color as architectural elements.

I believe the Lord our God would have us set free from convention by providing us the ability to suspend light, through no apparent means, in free space, as a three and four dimensional hovering sculpture made of light (as its ‘material substance”). This light will be capable of creating and shaping space, (the space it’s in, or even the infinite space outdoors), and time, in a similar way as sound does with music.

by what way is the light distributed, or the east wind spread over the earth? Job 38:24.

Light as a tangible substance would become capable of realizing spaces such as those generated by sound when music fills your ears through a high fidelity system. These kinds of experiential spaces (places) can be much larger and greater than the literal space you’re in. For light, I believe, we will have an even more commanding presence than that of sound to music; or even literal – physical space.

If art proper, (Godly art in the act of creating), is ‘spirit made tangible’ then (light) art should be able to take us somewhere else; somewhere deeper where we’ve never been before… Not for us to self-indulge in a new sensual experience, but to break chains, free prisoners, and bring good news to those who are perishing; and to do so by way of a powerful, hitherto unknown vocabulary of light, that His Light may be clearly seen and understood.

In order for the invisible to be made visible, the visible must be made to disappear, just as the hardware employed in a great audio system disappears when the music takes over.

We must remember that painting is work about light, but it is not light – it is a recording of seeing – (as is photography) – to work with light is to work with the very raw material God uses to create. With light you are no longer limited to the physical materialism of pigment, (clay, steel, or glass), but are introduced to a higher substance. Light working as one with sound becomes a new technological vocabulary, having a really quite tactile sensation.

Observing is closer to thought than words. The colors that make the sky tell us something different than pigment ever could. It’s alive. Ever present. Yet as old as the beginning of everything.

The universe is a creamy milk-like white color containing all the colors (hues) we see. {although our sun peaks at green, and our sky further filters some of the pure white light from the sun making it (the sun) appear yellowy in color, whereas an astronaut sees our sun more white in color from space}. Nonetheless, all the colors have long been there, but we have not been able(?), or ready, to see (or) understand what to look for.

Until now.

If art is spirit made tangible, light is the materialization of energy.

Do you enjoy sitting on the porch, or looking out the window to watch the sunrise or set? Then let’s try something…..

Cut a square or an ellipse in a large piece of cardboard, or a box, so that the only light that enters comes in from the aperture you just made. About thirty minutes or so before sunset, place the box or cardboard cut out over you, so that the sky is all you see.

As the sun begins to set (if you remain patient, focused, and still), – you will notice that the light of the sky will begin to take on a material like quality. the blue sky will begin to appear like a painted surface…But infinite…Matte…Endless. Then different colors will begin to appear in slow but steady progression – each having a paint-like quality.

Stay with it. Before long, the changes will be exhilarating. Exciting something deep within. You will begin to experientially witness something that will capture your complete attention in a way you’ve never known or imagined. You will go through red, orange, a bright gold, then dark gold, dark red, and then yellow mixed with green, into violet that will last long, fading into velvet black, which will become permanent until morning.

What may appear tempera flat, or pure pigment, is in fact light! Pure spectrum! Not a painting or photograph made by human hands – but by God’s! A ‘living’ energy – framed and experienced through your own seeing, by God’s grace, and wonder-filled provision.

You have, by doing this, just experienced the most cutting-edge contemporary art, and have made your own installation piece. You are at the entrance of a new vocabulary.

More importantly, you have begun to place action to the words of the prophets for such a time as this.

Because of and through the heart of tender mercy and loving-kindness of our God, a Light from on high will dawn upon us and visit [us]. (Luke 1:78)

Discerning the Spiritual Realm

Comments from Paul Keith

Throughout the last few years, the Lord began to speak to us in a pronounced way involving Spiritual light, sound and color. The apostle John was once given the great privilege of standing before the throne of Heaven and witnessing, firsthand, the incredible activity, colors, sounds and worship of Heaven. We are now living in the day he prophetically foresaw. Therefore, it is becoming increasingly important for us to obtain comprehension of that dimension.

I once asked the Lord why this has become such an important issue for this day. The answer returned quickly and clearly. It is so that we can be in greater agreement with Heaven. As the Heavenly realm merges with the earthly, it produces lights, sounds and colors that we must learn to distinguish. The Spiritual realm is surrounding us and a generation of God’s people is being prepared to more fully experience and apprehend that domain.

The Lord is depicted as the Father of Lights. Many of the hosts of Heaven are represented through specific attributes that can be distinguished and discerned. Often the Lord will send His power to heal, for example, and that realm is represented through an angelic host sent to impart healing virtue. It is important for us to recognize and cooperate with the impartations that are delegated to us from the spiritual realm. The Lord is the Captain of the hosts and there must be, therefore, a host over which He is the commander. There are also messenger spirits and warring spirits and various others working in the economy of Heaven with which we must become more acclimated and familiar.

For that reason, it is especially important to understand the dimension of light as described in Barry’s article. He has been gifted with considerable insight into light, sound and color that will help us discern and understand creation and the Creator. The natural creation is a reflection of the Creator and the building blocks of the universe. Many of the patriarchs and prophets of old obtained glimpses into this domain and wrote of its reality. The more understanding we have of it, the more capable we become to cooperate with the realm of Heaven.

Upcoming Meetings

We are truly looking forward to each of our upcoming meetings. That is especially true of the one in Alberta Canada with Peter and Cathryn Nash. We are already sensing that this will be a unique time of purpose and release of divine destiny. We believe the message the Lord has entrusted to us parallels the message and ministry of Heidi Baker. We are looking forward to connecting with her again.

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Ministry Support

We have had a number of people write inquiring about support for our ministry. We are extremely grateful for the interest and participation with us in the vision and mandate being given. The Lord has placed it upon our heart to begin in the near future a printed magazine with prophetic insight and articles of substance. With His help and support of others, we hope to have this vision become reality this year.

If there are those interested in providing support for this and other purposes, the address is:

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Rich blessings of peace and grace,

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