June 12, 2002

Greetings friends,

Richest blessings of peace and grace to you.

I am certain many of you are also discerning the sense of anticipation and purpose in the days in which we are living. Seemingly, there has been a marked increase in the intensity and focus following the Feast of Pentecost, particularly related to intercessory prayer and the birthing of Kingdom purposes in our nation. We are encouraged to receive many reports of individuals and churches beginning to experience some measure of increase in the anointing and various expressions of outpouring to quicken and prepare us for the next wave of the Spirit.


Recently, the Holy Spirit graciously allowed an experience that is very encouraging in its nature. In it, I was allowed to see as some were being taken “behind the veil” and shown great and mighty things that have been reserved for the end-time.

After these things I looked, and behold, a door {standing} open in heaven, and the first voice which I had heard, like {the sound} of a trumpet speaking with me, said, “Come up here, and I will show you what must take place after these things.” (Rev 4:1)

The purpose and commission of these individuals is to begin to understand spiritually the mysteries associated with these great truths and start the process of sharing them with the body of Christ.

It is a call to begin to fulfill Revelations 4:1 and Jeremiah 33:3, as many saints were calling upon Him that He would begin to show them great and awesome things which we presently do not know. The truths associated with this reality are quite significant and provide the keys that begin to unlock prominent mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven. Many of the individuals that were allowed this experience had been through a preparation and refining process essential for this weighty responsibility. It is difficult to adequately express the importance of being clothed with the garment of humility in the execution of this commission and the sharing of the great mysteries being imparted.


As the experience continued, the Holy Spirit revealed how the sharing of Kingdom Truths with the body of Christ was likened to the preparation of a great banqueting table being set for the Lord and His Bride. Seemingly, the “implements and banners” that were being revealed to this group somehow were utilized in the adornment of the banqueting table, particularly around the area that was clearly recognized as the “seat of honor.” Naturally, these things are shown in symbolic form to illustrate truth that will help us in the hour in which we are living and the responsibility being delegated to us by the Holy Spirit.

One of the banners that was emphasized, depicted a picture of the High Priest in all of his adornment with the breasts plate, golden miter and other garments. When the banner was displayed, a voice spoke with clarity and determined purpose and stated “My banner over you is Love.”

“Like an apple tree among the trees of the forest, so is my beloved among the young men. In his shade I took great delight and sat down, and his fruit was sweet to my taste. He has brought me to {his} banquet hall, and his banner over me is love. (Song 2:3-4)

I believe there will be many who will be allowed to go behind the veil, to obtain and experience expressions of His Divine love that will transcend anything that we presently know. It will be a greater comprehension of His love for us and also a fulfillment of John 17:26… that we may love Him with the love wherewith the Father did love Him.


One of the things the Holy Spirit spoke to us at the beginning of the year and continues to emphasize is, “A Threefold Cord is Not Easily Broken.” This central truth is an emphasis of the Holy Spirit pointing us to a form of genuine unity that is birthed in brotherly love and fraternal affection. Jealousy and selfish ambition have no place in the joining of individuals and ministries for the purpose of pursuing a higher mandate and greater fruitfulness. Throughout the church there is an aligning of people and ministries that will produce a much higher anointing and authority in the realm of the Spirit.

One will put a thousand to flight but two can put ten thousand to flight. The Holy Spirit is especially desiring to join individual intercessors and intercessory ministries together with common vision and purpose producing a much greater power and authority to overcome the obstacles of the adversary and release the provision of heaven. We have found this to be true in the various areas in which we have been sent.

Ministry teams are being formed and joined by the Holy Spirit with the enhanced mix of anointing, gifts and provisions that will create a strong company, meeting a variety of needs in the places to which they are sent. One may be added to the team with a gift and ministry of intercession while another may carry the mantle of healing and another with administration or teaching gifts. The end result is a more complete package that will be extremely effective in ministry. Considerable effort and commitment will also be necessary to maintain the unity and cohesiveness of the team. However, a grace is being released to us to help accommodate this great purpose.


Over the last several days, the Holy Spirit has been revealing to us a threefold plan of the enemy that is presently being orchestrated in our adversaries attempt to frustrate the emergence of God’s leadership and the birthing of the genuine apostolic church.

Wanda was shown in a dream the dragon spoken of in Scripture, emerging from the bowels of the earth to withstand the work of the Spirit and the establishment of kingdom purposes. The Lord also allowed me to have a dream showing a dragon emerging from the earth in an attempt to “shipwreck” those in a position of leadership. In this experience, the attack came when the people in leadership least expected.

It seemed as though they were traveling in smooth seas, which possibly could have caused our guard to be lowered somewhat. That is when the “dragon” launched a surprise attack in his attempt to destroy the ministry.


Bob Jones had an in-depth experience in which he saw three evil spirits working in unison with the same purpose we have just now outlined. The first he saw was the dragon, which represented the Spirit of “rebellion” in this vision, being released and targeting either man or women in which a door of opportunity was present. However, it seemed that this particular spirit was especially targeting women in the marriages of people in the church and in positions of leadership.

If this spirit could get its hooks into someone, it then launched the second evil spirit working in conjunction with the dragon. This Spirit was symbolized as a python. We discover this spirit in Acts 16:16 operating through a young girl as a spirit of divination. Very often, it will masquerade as a prophetic anointing seeking to “control” others with words that appeared as though they are from the Lord but in reality are the enemy’s attempt to derail the individuals.

When this occurs discouragement and disillusionment is the result causing sincere people to consider ungodly alternatives that they would not otherwise. That is when the third evil spirit approaches with presentations and options of false comfort and companionship leading to sin. This spirit was illustrated in the vision as a form of a “cat” and represented the spirit of “lasciviousness” and primarily targeted men, though not exclusively.

When this threefold plan of the enemy is launched against a marriage, it will cause one of the partners to fall into the trap of the first two spirits leading to discouragement and loneliness in the other partner which paves the way for the third spirit to attack in its attempt to compromise moral standards.

The Holy Spirit is allowing us to see this plan so that we can call upon Him for the grace of his protection. The first step in overcoming the enemy is to bring darkness into light. Once accomplished, we can more readily see the adversaries plans and receive strength from the Holy Spirit to overcome.

As we have frequently stated, these images are often presented in symbolic form, not unlike the experience of Peter in Acts 10:10. Through prayer and biblical examples, a clear understanding can be discovered providing the framework for prayer and greater understanding to overcome.


The Shepherds Rod Study Guide is now complete and available. We are very pleased with the final product and are grateful for the work and input by Bill Lancaster in the formatting and printing of the workbook and the generosity of Don and Christine Potter in helping with this project. This includes the last eight years Revelations given to Bob and us during the season of Atonement. One of the admonitions that has come from the Holy Spirit is the caution to not allow our spiritual currency to be lost or overlooked. Thankfully, the Lord has given us key insights and strategy to prepare us for this season of the Spirit.

It is our hope that this workbook will provide a blueprint for intercession and also equip us with greater understanding of the biblical principles essential for us to become the awesome army we are called to be. For more information on the Shepherds Rod Guide, you may go to our web site at: www.whitedoveministries.org or www.bobjones.org.

Abundant blessings,

Paul Keith & Wanda Davis