July 31, 2002

Greetings friends,

Wanda and I trust each of you are doing well and moving forward in the things of the Spirit. There is a clear sense of heightened activity in the realm of the Spirit. It seems this season we are presently in is pointing to something significant during the fall Holy Days this September, especially Atonement.

There is an apparent grooming and refining that is taking place preparing for the evaluation associated with the Feast of Trumpets and Atonement. At that time we pass under the Shepherds Rod for inspection to determine where we will move in the things of the Spirit during the next season.

Bob Jones has also been receiving numerous revelations pertaining to these days and the points of emphasis both from the direction of the Holy Spirit and the issues we need to be aware of as distractions from the enemy. Our adversary is attempting to divert our attention and focus from the essential elements of the Lord to a heightened sense of impatience and presumption. We will address these issues in much more detail later in the newsletter.


We are extremely pleased to have completed the book that we felt commissioned by the Lord to prepare. We received several prophetic words, especially from Bobby Connor, emphasizing the importance of completing this project at the present time before moving on to the next season of the Spirit.

The book is primarily designed as a word of preparation for the mandates set before the end-time generation. Hopefully, with the Lord’s help, the book will outline the lofty purposes destined for the righteous generation and the essential preparation we are presently going through to fulfill our high calling.

In it we share several prophetic experiences that have been given in recent years that highlight the way the Lord will move us into Kingdom principles essential in our commission. We also examine the lives of saints in recent years who walked in this realm of the Spirit and functioned in Kingdom power and authority and the secrets that helped them achieve that place with the Lord. Not only is it important to understand how they achieved that domain of spiritual power but also how to sustain it.

We hope to have more about the book in the coming weeks as it is prepared for distribution. It should hopefully be available by mid-August.


We have continued to get clear admonitions from the Lord concerning the economy and the importance of our intercession to overcome the assaults of the enemy creating fear and instability. The hardships presently experienced in the economy can be overcome through prayer. We along with other prophetic friends have received clear revelations from the Lord emphatically directing us to take our stand in this confrontation.

Recently Wanda was given a profound and clear revelation showing the “bear” tumbling head over heels downhill. However, she was shown in the experience being given clear spiritual authority to overcome the desire of the adversary to create hardship and fear. This experience came just prior to the substantial falls that took place in the stock market a week ago and reflected the tumbling of the stock prices in this “bear” market. It further illustrates the authority being given to intercessors to overcome the adversary.

Certain things have been allowed in our country over the last year to awaken us to the seriousness of the hour but the clear word from the Lord outlines His desire to use this nation substantially in birthing Kingdom purposes.


Thankfully, the Lord gave me a wonderful experience recently that I believe depicts the calling of several within the Church who are being prepared to go behind the veil to begin to understand great and mighty things which we presently do not know. There are some being groomed to experience Jeremiah 33:3 and receive key strategy and insight directly from the Lord that will be of paramount importance during this season.

In it, I saw the Lord as he was walking in a determined manner, but I could only see Him from the back. He was wearing a dark blue robe that reached to the ground. I was not able to see His face for I was walking from behind Him. I suppose that could be good in that he was leading and we were following.

As I approached Him I knew exactly who He was. Other people were seemingly around but I paid little attention to them. As I approached Him I threw my arms around him and placed my head on his right shoulder feeling a great sense of affection and friendship. It would have been nice to simply remain there for a few years. It is important to remember this is an experience to help illustrate the relationship and affections this company will have with the Lord.

He allowed the loving embrace for a few moments and then pointed to a wall directly in front of us. It had a stone/tile appearance. I noticed at the base of the wall an area that seemed to have been opened once before but was now sealed and reclosed with small stones, flat rocks and scraps of paper. It was as though the wall was there the entire time but it took the Lord pointing it out to open my eyes to it. I began to remove the paper, stones and flat rocks and discovered that it was an access to something behind the wall.

As I continued to dig, the tile and stone material could easily be removed. Once the hole was large enough for me to pass through I discovered a room filled with ancient scrolls, parchments, journals and books, literally thousands in number.

I inherently knew the scrolls and journals contained key secrets in walking closely and intimately with the Lord. Great Patriarchs like Enoch were allowed to go behind the veil and read the writings of Heaven contained in these books. Not only do they portray an intimate walk with the Lord, but also hidden secrets involving creation, time, space, matter and tremendous insights into the Scriptures.

In the center of the room was a wooden stake about six feet in height and a parchment made from what seemed like a small piece of leather attached to the stake. I knew something important was written on the parchment. I could read three scriptures that were inscribed. They were; The book of Jude, Psalms 68, and 1 Kings 3.

Each of these passages could have a variety of meaning on multiple levels inherent with each individual. However, I believe there is a clear warning being issued to us highlighting the characteristics of a false form of leadership that can be identified through the book of Jude. The Lord has given us and many prophetic friends clear warnings about a false Apostolic spirit that will preempt the release of the genuine and attempt to sway many to its following. We are admonished in Scripture to judge fruit and the signs of the true Apostolic ministry.

I believe there are many who will also begin to be commissioned in a manner similar to the way Solomon was set apart and endowed with significant spiritual insight and understanding. The Scriptures express that he received a “hearing heart” allowing him to walk with wisdom and supernatural comprehension during his days of leadership. We desperately needed a similar impartation.

There are other significant truths illustrated in Psalms 68. Primarily it is pointing to the justice of God beginning to be exemplified in the earth rendering blessings for those walking in righteousness and judgment on unrighteousness. It also points to the “spirit of the fathers” being released restoring us to a place of intimacy and fellowship previously known by our Apostolic fathers.

We have been largely known as a “fatherless” generation. However true and genuine spiritual fathers are soon to emerge with a heart of compassion and humility preparing a generation for intimate relationship with the Lord. These fathers will have the ability to impart spiritual gifts and awaken the seeds of desire and hunger for the Lord and the things of the Spirit.

Richest blessings,

Paul Keith & Wanda Davis