January 29, 2002

Greetings Friends,

We trust this new year has brought fresh expressions of His Spirit and a renewed focus on the revelation of His Kingdom in your lives. Thankfully, the Holy Spirit is continuing to share key insights into His heart concerning this notable hour in which we live and the divine strategy needed to move ahead at a Kingdom pace.

We recently returned from a very fruitful prophetic gathering of leaders which produced a genuine clarity on prominent issues of importance that we as a Church must address in the coming days. The Lord willing, much of what was highlighted will be included in future newsletters and articles. It was especially gratifying to be involved in a series of meetings where unity and brother kindness prevailed and divinely orchestrated relationships nourished.

I believe that in itself provides a prophetic depiction of the Lord’s heart for us in this hour. As someone in the meeting said, “it isn’t so important to the Lord what we are doing, but what we are becoming.” What a profound truth. The focus of the Spirit is on the internal fabric more so than on our external works. When our actions truly reflect the motives and desires of a pure and contrite heart, then our works are the expression of our faith.


Bob returned yesterday from a ministry trip and in a conversation today we discovered that we each had virtually the exact same dream at about the same time. We say that only to affirm the following warning from the mouth of two witnesses.

In this experience we each saw a most beautiful and desirable woman who was willingly making herself available to certain leadership in a very enticing and tempting way. Initially, her appearance was innocent and alluring and in some ways even modest. However, her heart is evil and her desire is to capture or compromise those about to be anointed in the Kingdom purposes imminently before us. She is the spirit of seduction.

Her seduction is not primarily designed as a natural or sexual trap but a spiritual one. Her desire is to entice God’s leaders to use the anointing and gifts of God to promote a soulish or human agenda that initially appears appropriate on the surface but whose end is counter to the Kingdom of God. This would be equivalent to spiritual adultery.

Rev 2:20— Nevertheless I have a few things against you, because you allow that woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess, to teach and seduce My servants to commit sexual immorality and eat things sacrificed to idols.

The focus of this spirits attack is the soul of man and the ambitions resident in the base nature of man that would be fueled by a man pleasing perspective rather than God pleasing. We must insist that the Holy Spirit expel all inclinations of ambition or personal agendas so this spirit would have no place to sink its hooks.

Friends, from the responses and feedback we have received from many of you we can discern that you have been in a preparatory place with the Lord and your promised anointing is at the door. That is when this spirit will charmingly present herself in an attempt to divert you from your high calling. In His grace, the Lord is helping us to identify and overcome this plan of the enemy. The next wave of the Spirit in upon us and it will take us to the measure of the loins as described in Ezekiel 47. The article attached below will also present Truth in relation to this increase.


We have a new project to announce to you that we are very excited about and desire for you guys to be the first to know about. For some time we have felt the need to formulate the last several Shepherd’s Rods into a single book. Many people do not have certain years and are unable to see the thread of truth and insight that the Holy Spirit has provided throughout the past several years.

Wanda and I have had the privilege of working with Bob for the last eight years, consolidating our revelations and understanding released to us on and around the Day of Atonement in a booklet we call “The Shepherd’s Rod.” This term is to denotes God’s people passing under the Lords Shepherd Staff for evaluation as sheep proceeding before their Shepherd.

One of our friends in North Carolina has now provided the resources to help us get this project moving forward in hopes that it will be a service to the Body of Christ and further His Kingdom. Bill Lancaster, in Albany Oregon, is also working with us on this and other projects and came up with the idea of producing a workbook or syllabus format in lieu of a bound book. This would allow for the insertion of future Shepherd’s Rods as well as other prophetic insights provided to us throughout the year as it relates to the revelation given on the Day of Atonement.

It has been our determination, with the Lord’s help, to concentrate on keeping the Shepherd’s Rod a prophetic word and resist the tendency to teach in the presentation of the revelations. Much of the truth given to us is in the form of parables and word pictures that provide “seed” insight into the Lord’s heart for the corporate body. This allows for the “seed” word to grow and mature and produce revelation on many levels for the various people reading and praying through the Shepherd’s Rod.

With the workbook format, we plan to distribute to those who subscribe to the program, the additional teachings and messages of understanding that the Holy Spirit continually reveals to us throughout the year and years to follow. Surprisingly, the Lord unfolds comprehension to us oftentimes years after the release of a prophetic word. For instance, many of the prophetic indications in the ’95 Shepherd’s Rod have direct application to this present time and discloses to us the needed response to “overcome” and answer the attacks of the enemy.

With that introduction, those who may be interested can look to our websites in the next few days for a directory that will provide additional information and ways to subscribe to the workbook.


We depart the 31st on a series of meetings that will keep us on the road for the next three weeks. (See below for details) The Lord has emphasized the importance of hearing from Him with clarity in accepting the invitations offered to us. Bob was also told in a dream that we must keep the spring open as much as possible in anticipation of something fresh that is coming.

Your continued support and covering in prayer is greatly appreciated as we all share in the eternal fruit He is able to harvest through this ministry.