January 28, 2003

Greetings Friends,

Already the year 2003 has begun with significant impartations of purpose and destiny. We believe this year marks the beginning of a new season in the Spirit and the revelation of the Lord’s Kingdom. There are a number of issues we perceive the Lord will have us address over the next several weeks and months through articles and newsletters. There are specific directives and admonitions the Holy Spirit has been speaking to us over the last few months. They will include but are not limited to:

• Issues concerning the conflict with Iraq .

• Geographic areas of emphasis for

• What some of the natural storms are
pointing to.

• The next level in the Ezekiel 47 River.

• The coming justice of God.

• Seasons of restoration and reconciliation.

• The Governmental Anointing of Isaiah 22:22

A New Seven Year Season

As most of our readers know, we as a ministry pay particular attention to the calendar established in the Bible, also known as the Jewish calendar. We believe the Lord continues to release significant spiritual insight surrounding these dates and their prophetic implications observed in the Feasts of Israel.

On the other hand, we have also discovered how the Lord acknowledges our current civil calendar and will also release prophetic expressions for our new year. For the year 2003, we have felt the Lord indicating this as the beginning of a new seven year season. As we are taught in the Scriptures, there are “times and seasons” in which He releases spiritual deposits and opens or closes spiritual doors. There are certain appointed times that mark the ending of periods of captivity and release His people into times of spiritual restoration and favor. That is what we are discerning for this next determined season…restoration and favor for the faithful.

Spiritual Resolutions

It is a common tradition in our society to begin the new year with various “resolutions” that we hope to follow in an effort to improve our health, finances or lifestyle. The term “resolution” is defined as a state of mental firmness, determination or resolve. With our determination we set ourselves on the course of meeting our objectives with varying degrees of success.

How much more fruitful would it be to make spiritual determinations and objectives that improve our ability to become trustworthy stewards of Heavenly power and authority. The prophet/king David understood this principle of making commitments or vows before God, as did Job and others. Of course, there are Nazarite vows or covenants that must adamantly be followed when executed. However, the area that we are addressing is one in which we purpose in our hearts, with the Lord’s help, to make spiritual commitments that pave the way for fresh expressions of power, authority and fruitfulness.

One of the ways the Holy Spirit has taught us about Kingdom life is by studying the lives of other Christians now in Heaven, who walked in that dimension of Heavenly reality. They provide a witness or testimony of God’s faithfulness to His people and His covenant. Some of these were widely known in public ministry and many others were never released into a broad public forum.
In the process of this study, I discovered one particular man of extraordinary spiritual understanding who made commitments and determined resolutions in his life. Through them, he was launched into a far deeper intimacy with the Lord and was trusted with greater expressions of the Lord’s virtue.

I feel compelled to release these five personal commitments, both for us as a ministry and hopefully others who are desperate to know God in a deeper way. These determinations served A. W. Tozer very well in his pursuit of God. I trust they will be helpful as we launch into this fresh dimension of Church history and Kingdom reality.

Five Spiritual Determinations

1. Deal Thoroughly With Sin.

That may sound like a simple truth, yet our society has incredibly “watered-down” the issue of our personal transgressions with various buzzwords and psychological theories and blame-shifting. As a result, many are not appropriately taking their failures and sins to the cross for remission. The simple truth is, we continue to deal with carnal issues that afflict us and we must openly and candidly acknowledge them before the Lord through repentance for their cleansing.

Brutal honesty before the Lord is the best course. After all, there is nothing hidden from His sight and all things are open and laid bare before the eyes of Him with whom we have to do (Hebrews 4:13 ). Open acknowledgment of our weaknesses paves the way for grace and the extraction of spiritual strongholds and dominions.

2. Never Own Anything.

Naturally, this commitment is one dealing with mind-sets and the motivating spirit behind our stewardship of the things entrusted to us. Clearly, there are things that we have ownership of in our lives including our home, cars etc. However, the spiritual concept in this commitment deals with not allowing anything we possess to possess us. It is in the full relinquishing of covetousness and a spiritual comprehension that all we have in our possession actually belongs to the Lord for His use in the Kingdom.

This is particularly true at this time because of the imminent release of the “Josephs” who will be entrusted with significant natural and spiritual provision to facilitate the notable events about to unfold. This unselfish trait will mark the ones distinguished with the privilege of serving the Kingdom in this way.

3. Never Defend Yourself.

This one is sometimes more difficult. We are inherently endowed with instincts of self-preservation and survival. However, part of our redemptive process is the full yielding of our life and reputation to the One who is our ultimate Advocate. As our friend Bob Jones likes to say we have the best Jewish lawyer who has ever lived.

It seems to be a spiritual principle that we can usurp the Lord’s defense of us by insisting upon exonerating ourselves. Part of the covenant blessing portrayed in Exodus 23:22 is the Lord’s promise that He “will be an enemy to your enemies and an adversary to your adversaries.” Our part is to faithfully meet His conditions. Likewise, the Lord promises that no weapon formed against us will prosper and the tongues which speak against us will be dealt with in one form or another.

4. Never Pass Anything On About Another That Will Hurt Them

In the coming days there will be great emphasis on the commandment to love the Lord with all of our hearts and the adjoining commandment to love our neighbor as ourselves. The emphasis will be placed on the appropriate order and fulfillment of this admonition which apprehends the essence of Kingdom life.

We cannot allow ourselves to become so captured with the heart of ministry that we fail to love the Lord and fulfill His need for fellowship and union. Likewise, we cannot truly fulfill the second commandment to love others unless we experientially comprehend friendship and intimate relationship with the Lord. When this balance is achieved, the Lord’s heart of charity in us will convey that we should not pass anything along that would adversely affect another person. As the Scriptures point out, love covers a multitude of sins and transgressions (1 Peter 4:8).

5. Never Accept Any Glory

In 1991, while in prayer late one evening, I became intently aware that a divine presence had entered the room. Though I could not see with my natural eyes the presence, I knew something had transpired. With that realization, a flood of revelation was imparted concerning the ministry that will characterize the last days and personal qualities essential to carry this important endowment of Kingdom power and authority.

One of those qualifications came from Isaiah 42:6-9— “I am the LORD, I have called you in righteousness, I will also hold you by the hand and watch over you, and I will appoint you as a covenant to the people, as a light to the nations, To open blind eyes, to bring out prisoners from the dungeon and those who dwell in darkness from the prison. I am the LORD, that is My name; I will not give My glory to another, nor My praise to graven images. Behold, the former things have come to pass, now I declare new things; before they spring forth I proclaim them to you.”

The Lord has emphatically declared that He will not give His glory to another nor will He continue to allow His praise to be imparted to false images. It all belongs to Him. That reality will form the foundation of those who will be allowed the privilege of participating with the Holy Spirit in the unfolding of God’s great end-time plan. He is building a spiritual house and He will use those who are humble and contrite of spirit and who tremble at His word.

Fireside Chat With Bob Jones

As mentioned in our prior newsletter, it is our hope, with the Lord’s help, to begin a series of brief articles through this forum touching on prophetic interpretive principles. It is our belief that the Lord longs for relationship and communication with His people. There are certain biblical examples that assist us in understanding the various forms of spiritual communication from the Lord.

Likewise, there are other very individualistic forms the Lord utilizes in communicating with us as individuals. These can be taken from life experiences, biblical examples and personal traits and attributes specific to us. There may be events in our lives that no one knows but the Lord and he will sometimes incorporate those issues in His communications with us. It is for that reason that we will attempt to impart principles of interpretation more so than emphatic directives that dictate a narrow application of types and symbols.

We trust this will be a helpful aid to you in understanding visions, dreams and spiritual experiences that impart truth and direction from the Holy Spirit.

The Beginning

We felt it best to begin at the beginning. Bob had three supernatural encounters as a young boy while living on a cotton farm in rural Arkansas . The first occurred one August afternoon on a dusty road close to his home.

As he was walking along this hot road, he saw something strange taking place. He watched as a man riding on a white horse began galloping toward him from Heaven. Upon seeing this unusual sight, his mind could think of only one thing he heard often sung in the Baptist churches of Arkansas . He had always been taught that the angel Gabriel would some day appear and blow his trumpet signifying the end of the world. That was the first reaction he had upon seeing this supernatural being.

The angelic messenger was carrying a unique silver trumpet that had one mouthpiece but two double horns which he blew. Even as a young boy, he knew this was the angel Gabriel. This identification has since been confirmed to him in subsequent experiences. Needless to say, he was quite terrified at the sight. Nothing was spoken at that time but the messenger did carry draped across the saddle a mantle that looked very similar to the hide of an animal. It was something that appeared like a cowhide that Gabriel threw at Bob’s feet. With that, the angel and horse vanished.

Bob has since discovered that this spiritual “mantle” was worn by a prophet from South Africa who formerly walked the rivers from village to village with a powerful ministry of truth and deliverance. Bob has also met the grandson of this man and discussed the ministry that he carried to his generation.

The Messenger

The angelic messenger seemed to be a little over 6 feet tall, if we were to put his appearance in human terms. He wore a white garment of light that had a similar appearance as wool. He did not appear to be overly muscular, like many of the warring angels, but he had substantial character in his appearance.

For years, the fear of that experience caused Bob to run from the ultimate commission and mandate placed upon his life. Even though he was not faithfully serving the Lord at that time, there was a deep sense of conviction that was acutely resident in him.

On a Sunday evening at the age of 13, while walking along a cane field, Bob heard his name being audibly spoken from within the field. The voice simply spoke…Bobbie Joe Jones. Bob knew that it was God speaking to him once more. Again, this experience frightened Bob considerably. There was no one to explain to him the significance of his experiences. This again points to the importance and the need for one generation to faithfully prepare the next. Bob has often wondered how many years it would have saved him if there had been someone to help prepare him for his commission.

A Heavenly Visit

At the age of 15, Bob had a third experience in which he was “caught-up” to the third heaven. He had very little spiritual foundation or teaching to prepare him for the things he encountered in this realm.

He was taken to a “room” that was circular in its appearance. He noticed many half-circular thrones that surrounded the one Throne in the center from which the greatest power was apparent. The expanse above reflected what he now knows was the sea of glass before the Throne. As he watched the people sitting in the various thrones that surrounded the Lord’s Throne, he knew that there were many being invited in this generation to reside in this awesome room.

The sounds, lights and activity in this place were beyond his realm of understanding. It was filled with power and virtue beyond the ability of human language to convey. He heard sounds of thunder and flashes of lightning as various activity took place in this vast room. In this place, he was allowed to stand behind the Lord who was something of a protection to him because of the greatness of the virtue exuded from the Throne. It was as if he observed these things through the protection of the Lord.

He was allowed to observe many colors that our minds do not have a vocabulary to convey. They are not recognized in the color spectrum as we know it. In this place he heard great and triumphant songs of praise that filled the atmosphere in which God dwells. It was by far the most terrifying experience he had ever encountered. One might wonder why the Lord allowed such an experience for a young man with little or no spiritual understanding or basis of comprehension to ground the experience. The only explanation is in the sovereignty of God and His ability to hold us by the hand and watch over us in righteousness.

The One who sat upon the center Throne emanated such virtuous power that it was impossible for Bob to look directly at Him. The light that emanated from this Throne was beyond blinding.

Although it was a number of years before Bob actually accepted his destiny and began to walk in the mantle and commission given to him, he was never beyond the Lord’s reach. Many of the hardships and difficulties he encountered while running from his commission actually forged a development of character that has allowed him to carry this mantle. It has oftentimes been difficult and trying, yet the early life experiences developed determination and tenacity in him to forge ahead. Like the proclamation of Peter, Bob discovered there is nowhere else to turn but to the Lord.

Increased Capacity

One of interesting aspects of this last visitation is the impartation of an intellectual awareness that he did not have before being taken to the Throne room. Before this experience he was an average student in school. However, following it, his grades immediately increased from C’s to A’s. He discovered an insatiable desire to read various books including chemistry, history, geography and geometry. Although many may not know it, to this day he has a phenomenal memory and intellectual capacity. The Scriptures point out that Daniel was given a gift from God of wisdom, knowledge and intelligence in all manner of writing and literature and he even understood all kinds of visions and dreams (Daniel 1:17).

As we were revealing these early experiences, Bob remembered just how much knowledge and civilization has increased in our nation since his first spiritual encounter. At the time of his initial visitation, he had never lived in a home with electric lights nor traveled in an automobile. In one lifetime, knowledge and understanding have increased so substantially that it is safe to believe that the fulfillment of Daniel 12:4 is presently unfolding. How much more can we expect in the coming years?

Presently we have a very limited understanding of the rich deposit of Truth inherent in the Scriptures. Part of our mandate in this generation is to unveil and demonstrate great redemptive Truths as part of the hidden manna set apart and reserved for the end-time generation. Those with understanding will have great insight and shine brilliantly in this dark age.

Light- Sound and Color

by Barry Stephen Goldfarb

The following is this month’s article by Barry. We left the print of the article in the format written by Barry and therefore different that the remainder of the newsletter. We enjoy the creativity and expression of Barry and the great gift he has been to our team.


in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. the earth was without form and an empty waste, and darkness was upon the face of the very great deep. the Spirit of God was moving over the face of the waters. and God said….

we were made in His image. after His likeness. He blessed us. He encouraged us to be fruitful. to multiply. to fill the earth and to subdue it, using all the vast resources available to us in the service of God and man.

to subdue it. to make order out of chaos. to create.

we stand at a precipice of time. wars, and rumors of wars surround us. the dawn is at hand


there is a new kind of art about to be released that will carry with it an anointing like none before. it will have the power to break yokes, induce creativity, activate cognitive and developmental processes, bring healing and deliverance.

already we can begin to hear the distant sounds of prophetic music, proclaiming the difference between hearing and listening. in the visual arts, for the first time in history, we are about to see works made out of light; not the effect(s) of light, as in painting or photography, but actually light itself – with all the colors of the spectrum; not merely hues reflected off pigment. (earth). this will mean the difference between looking and seeing.

[isaiah 35:5],[matthew 20:33 ],[romans 11:8]

this ‘art’ will not need to shock or seduce its audience. it will not have to impose its ideas, but merely present itself through a new means by which to perceive, through a form that is startlingly beautiful, awe inspiring, sublime.

stripped of all convention, artifact, object, treasure, or conditioned responses….. this new genre will require humility, a contrite and broken heart, and an understanding of the difference between self-expression, and (the) selfless affirmation of a living God, on the part of each artist.

the nature of this art is radiance, through harmony and grace, made of light, sound, spectra.

the electromagnetic spectrum

no eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love Him. [1 corinthians 2:9]

all atoms that make up ordinary matter occur by nature in an electrically balanced state. every atom carries its own field and interacts with every other atomic field – moving in waves. the electromagnetic spectrum represents the entire range of these waves as they exist, in the act or process of radiating.

were these waves to arrive at a spacing of around a half millionth of a millimeter between them, we would perceive them as light. (in this particular instance – orange hue).

somewhat longer spacing we detect as infrared – microwave and radio. shorter spacing – ultraviolet, x-rays, and gamma rays.

at whatever frequency we register them though, we always clock them at the speed of light.

in actuality, waves in that portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, which we call visible light, are no more colored than waves in any other portion of the spectrum – such as radio waves. color arises from the capacity of particular light rays to evoke certain responses in our nervous system.

God made us with limited sensing organs by which we can see, smell, taste, touch, and hear. but there is a spectrum beyond which our natural senses cannot directly experience. but God has revealed them to us through His Spirit. [1 corinthians 2:10]

God is getting ready to expand our spectrum. [proverbs 25:2]

to increase our faith. to make us attractive to the lost and dying, that they may find a place of refuge. [john 3:16]