August 2003

Greetings friends,

Throughout this year we felt that July would be a significant month with spiritual indications emerging to prepare us for the next season of the Spirit. Several of our team members received dreams, visions and prophetic indications that pointed to this month as a pivotal time. Thankfully, the Lord did not disappoint.

We pray that was also true for many in the Body of Christ. One of the things that the Lord was saying prophetically during the early part of the year highlighted His intention to “brand” His people with a fresh expression of the Fathers love. Specifically, the proclamation that was given stated, “Mark and see— by July the whole sum of you will be bathing in His beauty and branded by His Son.”

Initially, that seemed like a lofty promise. However, while in Canada the Lord was true to His word and released a fresh expression from His beauty realm and seemingly opened the door to a new day. This took place in a conference we did with Peter and Cathryn Nash in Red Deer , AB. One of the speakers on the ministry team was Heidi Baker who clearly had no knowledge of this promise nor of its spiritual implications.

You can imagine our enthusiasm when during her first session she ministered on the heart of God and being “branded” by His love. She spoke extensively on the beauty of the Lord and shared some of her face-to-face encounters with Him. During the ministry session the primary emphasis was the release of the Holy Spirit to brand our hearts with the seal of Heaven and the burning passion to live there perpetually. All of our team members and many others with whom we spoke, left the conference on a new level and hungry for more of that realm of His heart now open to the willing believer.

We believe this is a corporate invitation now more readily accessible and crucial in the launching of the next phase of His divine strategy for this generation. The “branding” is to ignite a burning passion and insatiable desire for close encounters with the Lord. From this place we will ascertain His thoughts and ways to more appropriately administer the unfolding of His plan for the harvest generation.

We believe greater emphasis will now be applied to these two inseparable purposes. We cannot sever intimacy with our Savior and the promised harvest. Only from a place of intimacy can we fully appropriate the provision of Heaven to accommodate His design for the harvest. We cannot meet the needs of the nations until we have first met the need of God— that is, His need for a body with whom He has passionate exchange who is “bone of His bone and flesh of His flesh.”

In this newsletter, we hope to touch on a few of the truth’s highlighted through the conference and help identify where many are in the Spirit and with the Lord’s help begin to position ourselves in the place of His purpose and provision.

Rich blessings of Peace and Grace

Paul Keith & Wanda

Important Meetings Involving Intimacy and the Fathers Heart

Clearly, we look forward to each and every one of our conferences. However, there will be a series of meetings in California in which we are involved that we believe are of particular interest. This is especially true as it relates to the emphasis on the messages coming from the Lord in Canada . One will be in Lancaster CA and the other Bakersfield CA.

In November 2002 a very unusual thing occurred during a conference in Albany , OR . On the first morning of the conference Bob Jones had a vision that highlighted a certain minister who lived during the early part of the 20th century. The brother was Sundar Singh who is widely known for his intimate relationship with the Lord and the powerful anointing that he carried to the nations, including Tibetan monks. That Mantle has now been passed along to another brother by the name of Sundar Selvaraj.

A few weeks ago Joe Sweet, our friend from Lancaster CA , phoned to advise that Sundar Selvaraj had agreed to a conference in His church and asked if we would like to be a part of that ministry team. Needless to say, my first thought returned to the events of November and the clear spiritual link between the two men. We believe there is something significant about this brother being sent to America/California and the prophetic words given to Bob in November that dealt with the release of healing virtue and the restoration of the power ministry known in previous generations.

It is with much expectation that we look forward to this conference in September and encourage many of you to prayerfully consider attending it if at all possible. The link for the conference information is:

Sevenfold Revelation of God’s Glory Conference
Shekinah Worship Center
Lancaster , California
(661) 940-8378 office (661) 940-8810 fax

Overcoming Unsanctified Mercy

by Paul Keith Davis

The conference in Red Deer, Alberta was appropriately entitled, “River of God’s Love!” The morning of the third day seemed to be pivotal and the Lord graciously gave me a strategic dream for that gathering that also has corporate implications. To more fully understand the dream, it is important to know that we had thus far conducted three sessions with Heidi Baker speaking in the evening session the night before. During those meetings, there was a central message emerging that was directing the focus of the people to the restoration of their inheritance and spiritual birthright.

In the dream I found myself walking along a highway with Heidi. I believe this was in the dream because of the messages we had each brought during the prior sessions. The highway seemed to represent the path of Heaven set before the people that provided the resources of God to meet the need of this generation and fulfill the Heavenly blueprint established by the Holy Spirit. A highway also oftentimes speaks of the “highway of holiness,” or the “straight and narrow way.”

As we were walking along the highway I could see in the distance a large truck headed our way. It was a truck-trailer rig that I intuitively knew was being operated by the “thief” and it carried the provisions of Heaven delegated to the Church but hijacked by the enemy. These spiritual resources were not limited to those stolen from individuals living in this generation but also included prior anointing and commissions given to our spiritual forefathers. It was the Lord’s intention to restore that heritage which consisted of gifts, callings, anointing and commissions delegated and imparted to establish the purpose of Heaven on the earth.

That was a big part of the messages that had been brought in the conference through Heidi and me. It was to point the people to their inheritance and initiate desire and tenacity to press in to Him for the grace to become the overcomers who retrieve from the dominion of the adversary the “land of promise” that rightfully belongs to God’s people and the lordship of Jesus.

As the truck approached, I discovered that I was holding a high-powered rifle with a high resolution scope. This represented the weapons of our warfare and the vision necessary to use them with precision. I positioned myself to the side of the road where the driver of the truck could not see me and intended to shoot the driver and retrieve the lost provisions. However, as the truck passed by I was unable to shoot the driver so I settled for the right front tire of the truck.

Upon successfully disabling the truck I began to run towards it with the intention of dealing with the driver. When I arrived I discovered that Heidi had already extracted the driver and thrown him to the ground. With that I began to fight with the driver with the intention of completely annihilating him without mercy. When David confronted Goliath he did not do so with the mere aspiration of knocking him out. He intended to cut his head off and restore the land to the tribe of Judah that the Philistines were unlawfully usurping.

As this was taking place and we were about to completely annihilate this adversary, I heard a soothing yet sickening voice behind me beginning to speak. It said, “don’t do that, you are Christians and Christians are to be full of grace and mercy.” While that is a true statement, it was being spoken from a perverted perspective. When I turned to see the voice that was speaking, I realized it was a demonic spirit named “unsanctified mercy.”

It is the heart of true Christians to show grace and mercy to people but we are called to be merciless and fierce in dealing with the spiritual influences resident in Heavenly places set against the purposes of God and His people.

David showed no mercy to Goliath because he represented these unholy intruders that we now confront in the spiritual arena. In the book of Revelations the Church of Thyatira was rebuked by the Lord for tolerating the spirit Jezebel. According to the Scripture, she called herself a prophetess but in reality taught erroneously, leading the Lord’s people astray and causing them to commit acts of spiritual immorality and infidelity. (Rev. 2:20) They had given unsanctified mercy to this spirit by allowing it to remain. Many times the spirit of “unsanctified mercy” will masquerade as the true spirit of grace and cause us to embrace something that the Lord desires to extract.

Our enemy will very often send these spirits through people who have no intention of being delivered or set free from their deluding influence. Unfortunately, their sole purpose is destruction and division. In such a case the spirit must go or the people who bring them in who have closed their hearts to deliverance. We must begin to confront these issues while offering grace and mercy to the people but giving no place to the spiritual influences determined to hijack the anointing and provision of God.

But it was because of the false brethren secretly brought in, who had sneaked in to spy out our liberty which we have in Christ Jesus, in order to bring us into bondage. But we did not yield in subjection to them for even an hour, so that the truth of the gospel would remain with you. Galatians 2:4-5

Thankfully, when this was shared in the conference, the people responded with incredible determination to overcome this spiritual thief so that the provision of Heaven being released in those sessions would not be squandered or misplaced. More importantly, a door was being opened for the restoration of the promises released in that region throughout the years. Many Godly men and women have sewn seeds of power and revival through their prayers and sacrificial lives to which we in this generation will be beneficiaries. The Lord intends to restore, according to his promise in Joel 2:25, all that our adversary has stolen.

They rose up with the heart of David to overcome this “Goliath” and restore the desolate heritage of God’s people.

An Affirming Word From Wanda Davis

While in Canada during a time of intense fellowship with the Lord, it was spoken to me that we are oftentimes guilty of confusing long-suffering with soulish tolerance. Long-suffering is a vital attribute of the Holy Spirit and part of the fruit that we should bear as His people. However, there is no place for the tolerance of our enemy no matter how veiled his attempt may be.

Our present call is for greater discernment to distinguish between infiltrations of the adversary that we cannot accept and genuine long-suffering that accommodates spiritual growth and fruitfulness. One such distinguishing characteristic is that long-suffering always has transformation as its hope and expectation. If there is no evidence or openness for change or growth, then an unholy tolerance will attempt to impersonate spiritual long-suffering. In such a case, we actually become indulgent of the enemy devices by giving space and territory through this access, thinking that we are exercising the ministry of long-suffering.

Our confrontation is not with flesh and blood but with principalities, powers and rulers of darkness residing in Heavenly places. As this new day dawns, we are being admonished to pray for increased grace that we desperately need to help us discern between the devices of our adversary sent to create havoc and the true manifestation of the fruit of the Spirit.


by Shawn Bolz

Calling Everyone Who God has been given any Revelation: PUSH!

This word is about revelation of the heart, not necessarily promises of God that take the sovereignty of God to fulfill. We are now coming to the end of a spiritual season in the body of Christ. God has clearly identified the year 2003 as a transition into a new seven year season through many respected prophets. Some of you may be coming out of a seven year season while for others this time frame is providing varying aspects of spiritual growth and development. What we all have in common though, is that it is time to birth revelation we have received from the Holy Spirit.

Many saints are envisioning spiritual babies being born in this pivotal season. This baby that has been seen represents the prophetic revelation that God has given to individuals and corporate groups for stewardship, and it is birthing time! We need to begin to release the revelation into the spheres of authority that we walk in. God wants us to be stewards over the revelation that we have received so that He can release us into a greater dimension.

It is not about releasing prophetic words to corporate groups or taking a platform in the prophetic arena because of our revelation. This may happen, but is not the focus. This is a season where the hidden pearls of revelation are to be stewarded in prayer, in journaling, in deep intercession, in writings, in music, in poetry, in families, in home groups, in churches, in business, etc. Don’t look for great influence to be gained but look for the kingdom to be advanced! The present level of spiritual influence will determine the level of your corporate release.

We Need to Empty the Womb!

We have to birth the revelation in this season so that we can have an empty womb prepared for the conception of the new season.

We need to take the truths that God has manifested in us by encountering Him and give them away, even if it’s back to Him. It is not enough to have just a yes in our heart in this season; our yes only qualifies us for the race! It is time to actually put our feet on the track, line up, and wait for the Holy Spirit to sound the starting shot. Its time to run like we never have before!

It is also a time to create life with the revelation that God has given us.

I heard the Lord say: “To the measure of faith!” And I knew He was saying run in the revelation according to how much faith you can run in it…but RUN!

We are being admonished to faithfully put to use the full measure of the deposit of God that He has given us, so that we can be fully equipped to receive our full portion in this next season.

In John 3:18 John expresses a very profound proclamation: “Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth.”

We must walk in truth and with actions faithfully so that we can become a fruitful womb again for His very purposes to impregnate us. How we deal with the measure of revelation he has given us now will help determine how much we can carry in the seasons to come.

Refreshing the Truth

As we allow the revelation that God has given us to come forth, even if our only outlet is intercession, then we will be refreshed in the revelation ourselves. God will allow us to go deeper in the revelation.

I believe that many will feel a sense of crossing a finish line for the season they have been in, while others it will create a deeper hunger for more revelation.

The Word will begin to come alive again as we can read it with a fresh perspective! Bobby Conner put it to our team this way, “It will be like reading it for the first time, and you will go so much deeper in it than you have ever gone. Even scriptures known to you will take on a new life and new meaning.”

Books from the library room in Heaven are about to be released

In the great library of heaven there are books that are set aside that will now be release and written on earth. Scribe angels are handing out pens and these pens can empower people with a revelatory ability to relate the deep things of the heart onto paper. It is like Psalm 45:1—My heart is stirred by a noble theme as I recite my verse for the King, my tongue is the pen of a skillful writer.

Others will also find themselves writing in book form but it will not be to release to the public even though it may feel like a completed work. God wants to be so thorough in this season by giving us the ability to relate to Him that He is allowing people to write entire documents in order for their own spirits to be awakened by what God has put in them. Some may write poems and songs, others might write essays, while some will write whole books as God stirs their heart with noble themes just for the King.

Be it Done Unto Me According to Thy Will

This is a time that we need to have a completely humble heart of obedience to walk forward. If God is going to clear our womb it means he is going to refill it with His precious presence. For those who have not been barren in the church, this is a time to birth so that the whole barren church can hear the cries of new life in the church! It will inspire many to a holy place of hunger.

Now is the time… So push!
Shawn Bolz

Sam Jones (Part 1)

by Ray Hughes

[NOTE FROM PAUL KEITH—In recent years we have gotten to know Ray and Denise Hughes on a much more personal and intimate level. We have come to greatly value their friendship. I have also discovered that there are many things we share in common including a love of history and the impartation of grace and power carried through notable champions of the past. While in Nashville recently, Ray shared with us some of the history of the Ryman Auditorium and the impact of Sam Jones on this region. We are pleased to include over the next three newsletters a series of articles from Ray, highlighting this fascinating preacher of the prior generation.]

In 1847 three baby boys were born who ultimately impacted people all over the world. One was Thomas Alva Edison, heralded as the greatest inventor in modern history. He patented 1093 inventions in his lifetime, and his greatest contribution was the invention of electric lights. Then there was Alexander Graham Bell, who at the age of 29 made his mark on the world when he patented the telephone. But the boy who grew up to be known as “the most famous man in America ” was Sam Jones!

“Sam who?” you may ask. During his lifetime no one could have predicted that the most famous man in America would be a lost coin to the future generations for which he gave his life as a sacrificial seed. Sam Jones was the first man to preach the gospel to a million souls a day—before the invention of television and radio. To many, he was just a controversial idealist who envisioned a world where children would not cry for bread, and all would be redeemed by the blood of Jesus.

Sam was compelled by a fire in his heart to preach the gospel. And preach he did, until the day he reported to heaven’s gate, having personally led more than one million souls to Jesus. In doing so, Sam had become, at one time or another, a topic of conversation at virtually every dinner table in this nation. Hated by some, loved and respected by millions, he jolted the nation as he thundered the Word of God to his generation. And then, like the sound of thunder, his voice drifted away into the heavens. Today hardly anyone has heard of Sam Jones. This is why I venture to say that he is now the most famous unknown man in America . Sam was born in Oak Bowery, Alabama —a little known town that doesn’t even exist anymore.

His father, Captain John J. Jones, was distinguished for his intelligence, integrity and social qualities. His mother was a kind, sweet-spirited Southern lady. Both found it a great challenge to harness young Sam’s energy. Even as a child he was a walking circus of entertainment, with a captivating personality and an uncanny wit.

Prophesying His Future

When Sam was five years old, the older students in the one-room school he attended were asked to recite speeches for the parents. Sam insisted on giving a speech as well. While Sam waited his turn, the heat and the boredom lulled him to sleep in his mother’s lap. When his turn came, his mother woke him and the teacher stood him on the top of his desk. Sam straightened himself and boldly declared:

“You’d scarce expect one of my age
To speak in public on the stage,
With thundering peals and Thornton tones
The world shall hear of Sam P. Jones.”

Little did anyone imagine that he was prophesying his future! If they had, they certainly would have lost faith in that word during his younger years. Only a few months after his bold pronouncement, he received a harsh blow when his mother unexpectedly passed away when he was nine. A few years later, his father married a precious Christian lady who did all she could to instill godly principles in Sam’s life.

However, things become more difficult when the Civil War broke out and his father joined the Army of Virginia. As a result of his father’s absence and the disorder in their family, young Sam fell into the wrong crowd. Because of the strength of his personality, he became the ringleader of the delinquent and unruly young people in his community. Sam had physical problems and was encouraged to find “medicinal relief” from drinking whiskey.

Because Sam had a brilliant mind and a photographic memory, his studies were never much of a challenge. Instead he used his creative energy to entertain fellow classmates with clever pranks and ingenious gags. Consequently, he became the center of attraction in every crowd, all the while secretly grieving the loss of his mother and the absence of his father. In addition, his physical pain and the harsh effects of the Civil War also weighed heavily on him. Whiskey increasingly became his escape.

When he was 15, the news came that Sherman and his troops were only a few hours from his hometown of Cartersville , Georgia . The townspeople were forced to abandon their homes and flee for their lives. Young Sam was good with horses, so he took it upon himself to hide all the neighbors’ horses in order to keep Sherman ’s soldiers from stealing them. When he had finished his task, he returned home to find that his stepmother and siblings had fled Cartersville without him.

Left to flee by himself, Sam ran into Union soldiers. Relying on his gift of gab and entertaining wit, he struck up a conversation with his would-be murderers and won their friendship. Finding his storytelling ability an escape from the horrors of war, they took him in as a mascot. He eventually found himself a guest in the Kentucky home of one of the young soldiers, where he fell in love with the young man’s sister. At the end of the war, Sam went home to Georgia , finished his education, and followed in his father’s footsteps. He became a lawyer, which made him confident that he could provide a good living for a family.

Down the Ladder of Success

Sam went back to Kentucky to claim his bride. Miss Laura McElwain became Mrs. Sam Jones and moved to Georgia , anticipating a life of comfort and social prestige. But her dreams of a fairytale life were soon crushed when the reality of Sam’s relationship with the whiskey bottle surfaced. The promising young lawyer was already caught in a downward spiral of alcoholism, physical fatigue, mental anguish, and spiritual bankruptcy.

Sam soon drank himself down the ladder of success. Meanwhile Laura, with courage born out of despair and a faith in God, prayed for him. She asked God to do whatever was necessary to save him from sure disaster. She felt that he was on his way to an untimely death if something didn’t change soon. His health was wrecked, and sleepless nights, restless days, depression and drunkenness were taking their toll.

Then, in August 1872, Sam found himself standing at his father’s deathbed. He grasped his father’s hand to bid his last farewell. The old captain looked his son in the eyes and simply said, “Son, promise you’ll meet me in heaven.” Then he triumphantly shouted his way through the gates of death.

Sam declared, “I yield, I yield,” determining right then and there that every remaining step of his life would be an honest effort to fulfill that promise to his father. But Sam’s father wasn’t the only on shouting that day; his saintly old grandmother was another. She was said to have read the entire Bible from cover to cover 37 times while on her knees, applying the promises of God in prayer for Sam’s wayward life.

[To Be Continued in the next newsletter]

Ray & Denise Hughes

Born in Zion (Part 1)

by Ramey Hughes

Have you ever felt like you needed to be born again– again? For there to be a birth there must first be a pregnancy. For there to be a pregnancy there must first be intimacy. For intimacy to be pure and true there must be a marriage. In Jewish tradition, before a man would take his bride in marriage he would build them a home. The key to this new home and new birth for us as believers is found in Psalms 87.

And of Zion it will be said, “This one and that one were born in her; and the Most High Himself shall establish her.” The LORD will record, when He registers the peoples: “This one was born there.” Selah (Psalms 87:5-6 nkj).

Why would the Lord count in His book who has been born in Zion and who hasn’t? Why and how does He intend to “establish her”? What is Zion and how is one “born there”? Let’s first look at what Zion is to begin uncovering the mystery of this scripture as it applies to our lives.

What is Zion?

In David’s day, Zion was the place that the Ark of God’s presence finally rested. After years of the Ark being held captive, the Lord established His tabernacle on this holy hill. His holy people could thus ascend to worship their Creator/Savior/Redeemer. Mt. Zion was then, and represents now, the manifest presence of God. Psalms 76:1-2 says that “In Judah God is known . . . and His dwelling place is Zion .”

“For the Lord has chosen Zion ; He has desired it for His dwelling place: ‘This is My resting place forever; Here I will dwell, for I have desired it’” (Psalms 132:13-14).

We know that “forever” did not end with the end of David’s reign. It is very simple, God loves Zion (Psalms 78:68; 87:2) and has therefore chosen her as His house eternally. According to Scripture, you and I are now this house (I Corinthians 3:16 ). There is certainly a time and a season for everything. I believe God has chosen this time to stop moving exclusively through us and for us. As He rebuilds Zion , He is simply moving in.

How are we born in Zion?

Geographically you can be in Jerusalem and not be in Zion , but you cannot be in Zion without first being in Jerusalem . You can be born again and still not be His resting place but not vice-versa. Just as it was a choice to confess and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, it is a choice to be born in Zion . The difference in the two is that being born again is a one-time decision. Being born in Zion , allowing His indwelling, is a choice that must be made every day, every hour, every minute.

To have our names counted in His register we must daily invite the Lord to establish and build His house within us. Psalms 87:5 declares that, “the Lord Himself will establish her.” Realizing this is merely the beginning though. Just like salvation, this requires a new level of resignation and a total change in lifestyle. Christianity is no longer just a ticket to health, happiness, and heaven. It is not even about achieving things for the kingdom of God . We are allowing Him to not only have ownership and be the landlord, but to take up round-the-clock residency in our hearts, minds, and bodies. Since no flesh can glory in His presence and we are made to be more than a place for Him to own and visit, there are going to be some major changes and the cost of living will go up.

For the Lord will rebuild Zion and appear in his glory. He will respond to the prayer of the destitute; he will not despise their plea. Let this be written for a future generation, that a people not yet created may praise the Lord: (Psalms 102:16-18 niv)

Holy Construction Site

Looking back throughout history we can ascertain that God is a professional builder. For His own houses He would use only the best craftsmen and materials. He has now chosen us as His location. We must basically give Him a permit to come in and do whatever is necessary to build His home to perfection and completion—just the way He wants it. Once He has the permit in His hand He begins work immediately.

Testing the Ground

The Master Builder knows that the ground must be tested to confirm it is build-able. The soil must be capable of assimilating water for the purpose of draining water and waste; otherwise the house will be constantly surrounded with standing sewage, causing a stench and ground that is too wet to walk on. Too much rock on a property may require extra time and money for blasting and breaking up the ground. But God has chosen this property as His own. Time and cost are not an issue with Him. He will do whatever is required and take as long as He needs to make the ground that He has hand-picked build-able.

He tests the ground of the heart to see how easily it can handle rejection, persecution, and being wronged. He sees how well it can flush out the waste of the world and of our own sinful nature. Betrayal is one of the hardest tests we can face. We must be able to forgive and love without constraint. Learning to love is the ultimate determining factor in God’s eyes.

Clearing the Land

This is usually the next order of business. For this new house to be built it may require a lot of demolition work. Old buildings built in our own strength must be torn down. Idols erected in the high places of our hearts, and monuments to old wounds that we inadvertently worship must all be removed. Weeds of the world that have taken down root and even begun to bud, and bloom, and provide a false sense of pleasure or fulfillment have to be uprooted. Even some trees that are neither good nor bad are just in the way and must be cleared. Things like friends, activities, gifts, and jobs are not necessarily bad, but the place created for God’s holy habitation cannot be occupied with other things. He sometimes removes them for a time and replants them in their proper locations. It feels a bit like a bulldozer has moved into your life. It definitely hurts, but the new-found view is amazing. There may even be some hidden treasures under the surface that you never knew were there!

Establishing the Foundation

The foundation is of utmost importance. From the flat, sandy plains of Texas , to the swamp lands of Florida , to the side of a cliff in Germany you are going to find houses on this earth. If the foundation is secure, any type of ground can be used to build a home on. This phase seems like it would be a breeze after all the major demolition work that has taken place, but this can actually be the most difficult for some. We have seen so much change and progress already in our lives that we are very encouraged. We feel incredibly clean and clear – capable of handling anything the Lord brings to us. We have passed many tests and given so much over to Him. We trust Him completely by now, knowing that any pain He causes is for our best and His glory. This is when we can become overly enthusiastic. We want to expedite the process because we have a greater understanding of the final outcome—we can almost see it.

Establishing the foundation is so crucial a step though, that we cannot risk becoming impatient with God now. His timing is perfect and He knows what each of us are going to have coming against us in the future. One home may never know the blast and pressure of a tornado ripping past its door, but the Lord knows it is being built for an area that is prone to severe flooding or earthquakes. He knows what each foundation must withstand. It is dangerous for us to presume that we can rush through this phase for any reason. Time is not an issue. There are no deadlines that He cannot meet. We will never miss Him when it is Him that we are waiting on.

Therefore thus says the Lord GOD, “Behold, I am laying in Zion a stone, a tested stone, a costly cornerstone for the foundation, firmly placed. He who believes in it will not be disturbed. “And I will make justice the measuring line, and righteousness the level; then hail shall sweep away the refuge of lies, and the waters shall overflow the secret place. (Isaiah 28:16-17)

[To Be Continued in the next newsletter]

Ramey Hughes